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Is It Possible To Charge An Electric Car At Housing Societies?
Simran Kaur
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Published on 21st Dec 21

Is It Possible To Charge An Electric Car At Housing Societies?

"How long will it take to charge my electric vehicle?" One of the most often asked questions by EV drivers!

And that's just fine. It's not uncommon for people to be hesitant about purchasing an electric car because they're unsure of how much time it will spend hooked into a charging station.


By 2040, the electric vehicle market is predicted to overtake that of internal combustion engine (ICE) automobiles which is why building a charging infrastructure is the need of the hour.

While the government and other bodies are taking initiatives for road electrification, we should not overlook the electrification of housing societies because not everyone can charge their EVs at home.


The number of residents who drive electric vehicles and need convenient access to EV charging stations is on the upswing. While the owners of multifamily or residential societies are constantly seeking methods to enhance their communities' value - setting up a charging station would be the right move.

Recognizing the Key-Benefits of Installing EV Charging Stations in Housing Societies

Installing business EV charging stations entails a one-time investment, but there are considerable long-term benefits, offering a service that many individuals desire today. The key benefits of setting up a charging station in societies are:

1. Attracts Prominent and Well-Educated Tenants

2. Keeps Tenants for a Prolonged Duration

3. Earn Government Incentives

4. Make the Most of Your Investment

5. A strategy for generating revenue and offsetting costs

Government’s Push

The state administration has emphasized the importance of adopting electric vehicles, and the urban development department has issued circular announcing incentives for housing societies and people who establish electrical charging stations. According to the notification, an individual who establishes a charging station and allows others to use it will receive a 2% rebate on the property tax due to the local body, while a housing society that establishes a charging station will receive a 5% discount.

How To Set Up An Electric Vehicle Charging Station In Housing Societies?

Under the EV make in India scheme-FAME, electric car charging stations have begun to penetrate the Indian startup sector with the backing of the Central and State governments. In the light of developing the charging infrastructure, let us also consider how to implement them in housing cooperatives.

Understanding the Different Types of EV Charging Stations is the first step.

Not all charging stations and EVSEs are the same. Some can be connected straight into conventional wall outlets, while others require custom installation depending on the application. The charging time of an electric vehicle varies depending on the charger available.


Residential communities should choose between Level 1 and Level 2 chargers and ensure that all standards are met prior to establishing an electric charging station.

With that being said, let’s look at the requirements for setting up EVCS in Housing Societies.


Once you've met all of the requirements, the most critical step is selecting the appropriate charging station.

To cut costs and accomplish your mission, get hands-on with the Kazam EV Charging Station: Kazam provides you with the most fashionable, cost-effective, and dependable AC charger on the market. A 3.3 kW Internet of Things-enabled, SIM-based smart charger for your parking space. It makes it possible to charge electric automobiles (bikes, scooters and rickshaws, and cars); with a waterproof, anti-theft smart charging station that allows EV owners to charge their vehicles while also earning money.

Electric Cars Are The Future, For Real This Time!

Indian society is undergoing profound changes as a result of the electric vehicle revolution. The key incentive, rather than the advantage, for a housing society to construct EV charging stations during the early days of India's electric vehicle revolution is that doing so demonstrates the society's progressive nature. Treading the EV route demonstrates that the community not only encourages individuals who own electric vehicles in making the environmentally responsible option but also empowers all other residents who are considering purchasing electric vehicles.

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