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All you need to know before buying EV Charging Station
shayma shamim
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Published on 11th Aug 21

All You Need To Know Before Buying Ev Charging Station

Do you want to buy a charging station and want to learn more about the installation conditions, and the various advantages it can provide you? If you decide to take the plunge and opt for a 100% electric vehicle, you will not only have to shop for the vehicle itself, but you will also have to consider purchasing a 240-volt level 2 charging station for your home. Why? Simply because the 120-volt chargers that come with the vehicle take forever to fully charge the batteries, which becomes unlivable, except perhaps in the case of low-range plug-in hybrids. Kazam EV offers IOT Based charging stations that will suit your needs and your budget. Let’s take a closer look.


Charging power: How fast does an electric car charge?

An electric vehicle's built-in charger determines the charging time significantly. Power here ranges from 3.7 kW to 22 kW. However, the charging speed depends on two important components: the charging station and the charging cable. In this case, the component with the lowest power determines the overall performance. For example, an electric car with a charging power of 3.7 kW can, in principle, be charged at any charging station, including fast charging, but only with a maximum power of 3.7 kW. The charging capacity also matches the capacity of the weakest link in the chain. In our review, you can find out the charging speed of your electric vehicle. Or you can easily calculate it yourself using the following formula:

Charging Power (Single Phase AC):

  • Charging power (kW) = number of phases * Nominal voltage (V) * Amperage (A)
  • Charging power (3.7 kW) = phases (1) * Voltage (230 V) * current (16 A)

Connectors: What Type of charger does my electric vehicle have?

Charging connector Type 2

Electric vehicle manufacturers use different plug systems. In Europe, the Type 2 connector is standard, but Asian and American models still use the Type 1 connector. These include the first-generation Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV. When choosing a stationary charging station, you need to make sure that it is compatible with your electric vehicle, as there are no adapters for different connectors. Electric vehicle connector table. However, the charging station with a Type 2 outlet offers you complete versatility. You can also connect a Type 3 charging cable to it, if necessary. For public places such as hotel parking or shopping centers, charging stations with a Type 2 outlet is best suited.


Image credit:https://e-vehicleinfo.com/

Charging station: What to look for when choosing a manufacturer?

When buying a charging station for your electric vehicle, always choose a quality manufacturer that is verified and listed by leading car manufacturers just like Kazam. This way, you can be sure of compatibility with your car, as well as future updates, services, or spare parts. Find out which manufacturer of charging stations in our store is right for you. With Kazam EV, you rely on a recognized manufacturer of IoT-based chargers that have already established themselves in the market. Kazam presents to you the sleekest, cost-productive, and reliable AC charger. A 3.3 KW IoT, SIM-based charger for your parking space. It enables you to charge electric vehicles (bicycles, bikes and cars, and other EVs). It is a waterproof, anti-theft, and brilliant charging station through which EV proprietors can charge their EVs. By installing it as a public charger, one can earn money through it as well.

Additional features: What do I need?

With the rapid development of electromobility, so too are the demands on the charging infrastructure. It must be mature and compatible with other new technologies. Only an intelligent charging station can offer this. With it, you can leverage the intelligence that is available that is designed with your future needs in mind.


Image credit: india mart

Load management

Load management for electric vehicles: Intelligent charging stations can be integrated into the load management system using additional modules. If the load is constant and without fluctuations, then several electric vehicles can be charged at the same time. The available power is automatically distributed to the number of charging electric vehicles. First of all, this is true for shopping centers, hotels, parking lots, etc. By installing several charging stations, owners avoid voltage surges and high loads. As a result, they prevent price increases and maintain the performance of the charging stations.

Who are we?

At Kazam, you can find every possible assistance about Electric vehicles and their charging stations in India. We also take care of our EV buyers and give them customized EV solutions as per their needs. From battery and charging solutions to the range and cost of electric vehicles, this is the one-stop-shop for every EV requirement. For more information, please visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/, or write to us your concerns on our social media handles Kazam EV, and we will try to respond to your queries at the earliest. Book an appointment today!

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