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Electric charging in Apartments
Swati Porwal
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Published on 16th Mar 21

Electric Vehicle Charging in Apartments

Electric Vehicles are an answer to the majority of our fuel related challenges. Switching towards fuel options that are renewable and are more environmentally friendly goes in line with the new segment. With an increase in the extent of EV Vehicles in the past few years, the industry is expected to grow further but also faces a few obstacles along the line. A major doubt that arises in the Customer's mind is charge anxiety - whether the EV can drive for a considerable range without facing any battery depletion. Customers also want a reliable charging set up so that they can charge their EV in the comfort of their homes without any worries.

Charging an EV at Apartments

To charge your EV, residents would need a dedicated connection from their Electricity metres to their vehicle parking space. This should not be an issue as most apartments have a small dedicated meter room through which a power socket can be installed near the vehicle. A power socket in a single phase can deliver power up to 3kW in most Indian homes. Most of the two-wheelers available in the country require less than 3kW and hence can be charged.

Problems faced

Common problems faced by EV owners are-

  • Although many consumers have a problem with the distance between the parking spot and the meter, few apartments do not have a meter room at the same level as the parking spot.
  • Some Parking spaces are uncovered and open, which poses a problem during the installation of a charging set up.
  • In most cases, sockets are good enough, but EVs that have battery capacity greater than 20kW will require more time than overnight charging, and hence EV owners would prefer to switch towards a better AC charger.
  • EV owners also face an issue with a surge in voltages that can harm their batteries.
  • Tracking electricity consumption by EV can be difficult.

Kazam EV Charger

Thinking about how you can install your charging set up? Are you looking for a product that can suit your budget and charge your EV safely and reliably? Well, we can help with that!

Bringing forward Kazam’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station for your EV. A product ideated, designed and manufactured in India, which serves as the best solution for the charging needs of Electric bikes, scooters or cars. Following are its specifications -

  • 3.3 kW, 3pin 16A socket, AC Charger
  • IoT Enabled smart charger
  • All-weather resistance & water-proof
  • Real-time data analytics through an app
  • The charger can handle up to 7kW power.
  • 24/7 Internet Connectivity through Sim based network.
Kazam AC Charging Station<br>

Kazam EV also offers a mobile application that tells you the electricity units consumed at each charge, helping you to track electricity consumption. The device also protects your vehicle's battery from potential voltage surges and promotes battery longevity. The LED indicators at the front indicate when the EV is charging or has been completely charged. The device can charge your electric bike or scooters entirely within 2 hours. To help with your setup woes, we not only deliver your device but install it at your chosen parking space.

To know more, you can reach out to the following website - https://www.kazam.in/ and connect with us.

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