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Where Can I Download Electric Car Charging Data?
Simran Kaur
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Published on 20th Dec 21

Where Can I Download Electric Car Charging Data?

Today, 92 per cent of people who live in cities do not have access to safe air, these frightening statistics sparked global investments in clean energy and electric vehicles. It is also the reason why we, along with many others in this burgeoning industry, have risen to prominence over the previous decade, achieving substantial success in the adoption of sustainable mobility. And Now! There is no way to halt the growth of electric vehicles!


If you own an electric vehicle, you'll want to know where public chargers are available within a specified radius of your home, as well as the charging type supported. Identifying public charger locations in advance is crucial if you're planning a long road trip and want to avoid becoming stranded with a drained battery.

While the majority of EV owners connect their vehicles to the household power grid, public charging is becoming a more practical choice. Chargers are deployed in retail parking lots, public parking garages, and new-car dealerships throughout the country. They are typically prevalent in or around larger cities, college towns, and other regions with a high EV density.

Furthermore, as charging electric vehicles and data management are inextricably linked, you may wish to maintain track and make prudent decisions before the battery runs out - the challenge is how to track the data.

It all comes down to basic electric car apps that assist you in planning how and when to charge your vehicle for your next journey, leaving you with a plethora of possibilities as well as helping you to track and download the charging data of your Electric Car.

Redefining the way the world drives

There are countless smartphone apps, each with its own set of specifications; selecting a charging station and connecting it to their in-built app enables you to track your EV's statistics.

The leading EV companies have already launched their greatest software for tracking your charging data and expenses, both at home and away. The app displays charging stations, as well as other networks and public stations, on a real-time map that allows filtering by charger type, price, and network.

You may use the app to find nearby charging stations, monitor station charges, check your charging status, and view your charging history. Another common feature of these programs is real-time updates. The app will display busy charging hours and includes features such as a waitlist, which allows EV drivers to jump in line at stations that are completely full.


Early adopters are raving about the usefulness of these EV charging apps, which includes search and filtering features for finding charging stations that match an EV vehicle. You may customize the charging station map to see only stations compatible with your vehicle and obtain satellite views of charging stations down to the parking space level.

While some drivers may lament the complexity of automatic billing systems, the auto top-off and other features designed to make the full charge more straightforward are substantial incentives for some customers to download and utilize this app while commuting.

Downloading the EVCS Data: A single file, delivered right to your inbox!

The app feature enables you to download all the data from your charging sessions into a single spreadsheet. This figure covers both the energy delivered and the overall cost of each charging session. The first stage in downloading your data is to specify the time frame for the data you wish to read; using the recent month and preceding month time filters, you can choose and optimize. After you're ready, you'll receive a CSV spreadsheet file in your mailbox. The spreadsheet file is now complete and ready to send to your accountant or attach to an expense report. Editing the file is also quite simple if you only want to account for a portion of the charging sessions or add extra information.

Firms such as Kazam, PlugShare, ChargePoint, and Charge Hub, among others, are working tirelessly to develop the app and give the best possible experience to us by providing data at our fingertips. Join hands with these companies and make precise moves into the future of e-mobility.

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