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Future of Mobility! How is Kazam enhancing EV charging infrastructure in India?
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Published on 16th Sep 21

Future of Mobility! How is Kazam enhancing EV charging infrastructure in India?

E-mobility is here and now.


The global automobile industry is facing upheaval due to four main technology-driven trends: electrification, shared mobility, connectivity, and autonomous driving. Stricter pollution rules reduced battery costs, more widely available fast-charging infrastructure, growing customer acceptability, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) that will provide new and significant impetus for EV adoption shortly.


According to a group of global automotive experts, this disruption has a significant impact on the automotive value chain—75% believe that new technological players in the industry will acquire a share of revenues and profits from traditional businesses by 2030. 88% believe that some OEMs or suppliers will cease to exist by that time due to the arrival of EVs. Electrification is projecting to have an immediate impact on the car industry more than any other disruptive breakthrough. However, it is not the only trend changing global business. Trends are wreaking havoc on the global car industry.


The worldwide automobile sector has been disrupting by four technology-driven developments. These will reinforce one another, causing a shift in markets and income pools, changing mobility behaviour and opening up new possibilities for competition and collaboration.


The Future of E-mobility in India

The three technologies might play a vital role in India's EV transition aside from end-users, i.e, the government, infrastructure (power, oil, and gas), and automotive industry participants (OEMs, auto component manufacturers and battery-makers). The car component makers can affect its evolution, which in turn can define its future.


Now and again, a product emerges that completely transforms the market. Kazam EV Tech presents an affordable electric charger named kazam Mini. This product is a 3.3 KW AC Smart Charging Station with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Besides this, it encourages the use of electric vehicles such as automobiles, bikes, and scooters. It just requires three pins and sixteen A sockets.




KAZAM Mini Charger

Kazam chargers come with a smartphone app that shows real-time socket availability. This aids in the monitoring of energy use. The KAZAM Mini now features a high-end, elegant, and compact design. Their AC chargers are excellent for home charging due to their international charging interface compatibility, user authorization features, and ease of installation.


All weather-resistant and waterproof

The elegant and mini form of the Kazam EVCS makes it a one-stop solution, which then combined with IP-65 protection against rain and dust, and surge protection with MCB makes life a lot simpler.


2-in-1 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based

Kazam Mini makes smart charging easy and cheap for everyone with its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-based smart charging

  • While you're relaxing at home, start and stop charging your electric vehicle.
  • It safeguards your battery from power surges.
  • Make money from your parking space with the help of a smartphone app that provides statistics.



Location-based Charger

Electric car owners will be able to discover your charging stations using our App after downloading Kazam Chargers. Kazam provides location-based charging station search, which means that an EV motorist in your area may locate your charging station online and follow the directions on the map to get there. It not only assists consumers in charging their EVs, but it also enhances your shop's/store's/parking space's exposure on Google/Apple maps.





  • Green Indicates Device is Idle

The Green LED indicates that the charger is in standby mode; connect the cord and charge your EV Kazamly.


  • Blue Indicates Device is Charging

After plugging your EV into the charger, the device will display a blue LED, indicating that your EV is charging; just wait patiently until your EV has charged fully.

  • Purple Indicates Device is High Voltage

When the voltage rises, the LED changes colour to purple; this is an indicator to halt overcharging and unplug.

  • Yellow Indicates Device is Disabled

When the gadget is disabled or no charges are connected, it indicates by the yellow LED light.

  • Red Indicates Device is Theft

The red LED colour in the LED indicates the theft, which alerts EV owners on their smartphones.

  • White Indicates Device is Booting up

The LED's white colour signals that the gadget is starting up and preparing to connect.


Do you require further assistance?

Do you want to buy an affordable EV charger? Or do you want to set up a charging station in your home? Contact Kazam EV immediately away! We at Kazam take care of our pro EV customers and offer them comprehensive EV solutions. From the battery and charging options to the range, cost aspect, and space problems. Schedule your appointment right away! For further information, please visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/ or send us a message on our social accounts Kazam EV, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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