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Part Two: The Complete Guide to EV Charging Solutions and How They are Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry
Simran Kaur
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Published on 8th Apr 22

People are more likely to purchase an electric vehicle if they have access to a convenient public EV charging station. Sustainable development and clean energy aren't just a passing fad; they'll be important issues for years to come. It is time for countries to invest in more sustainable modes of transportation. It is certainly possible to offer widespread financial incentives to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles, but this would necessitate a well-developed network of public charging stations. As a result, solving any issue begins with understanding about the available electric charging infrastructure. Here we go again with understanding the EV Charging Solutions: Part 2


Electric Vehicle Charging Station: A Smart Solution.

These days, Machines too, are getting smarter. With the imminent proliferation of electric charging stations at the top of the list. So, what is a smart electric charging station, and how does it work?

An electric car and charging device share a data connection, and the charging device shares a data connection with a charging operator in a system known as smart EV charging or intelligent charging. While standard charging devices aren't cloud-connected, smart charging enables the charging station owner to remotely monitor, manage and control their charging devices to optimise energy utilisation.

Only the sky's the limit when it comes to cloud-based solutions. In order to develop a system that fits your needs, you can easily add and remove elements from the smart EV charging service. When it comes to future-proofing, smart EV charging is the answer. As the world develops, new features will be added to the smart system to meet the ever-evolving needs.

The electric automobile and the power grid form a symbiotic relationship when they are connected to each other via smart charging. In the absence of intelligent charging, electric vehicles could become a strain on the grid.

How do smart charging stations work?

Smart EV charging relies on an intelligent back-end system that provides real-time data from linked charging devices and charging events. Because stations are cloud-connected, they may be managed depending on signals like fluctuating energy production, local electricity usage, number of other vehicles charged, or electrical gadgets used nearby.

The process:

A smart charger requires an electric car driver to identify. Identification links EV driver, charging station, and charging event. Right price, right customer, right money to right charging station owner. For registered EV drivers, identification is as simple as logging into the mobile app and starting charging, or showing their RFID tag to the charger. Unregistered users can pay with a credit or debit card.

The charging event is based on the station owner's settings and prices. The station can be part of a station group and have smart features running in the background, but charging for the end user is as simple as identifying and plugging in.

Increasingly, smart EV charging service providers have their own charging platforms. Smart charging via roaming networks solves this issue for EV drivers.

The Benefits:

Intelligent charging is essential for the energy market. For electric car owners, charging station owners, and network operators, smartness pays off in spades.

Locate EV charging stations: Find nearby charging stations and reserve them with a mobile app. The mobile app shows you charging power, price, and real-time charging station availability.

Faster charging: The smart device will automatically use all available energy. Most smart devices can charge up to 22 kW. Fast charging stations can charge up to 150kW.

Affordably: A smart charging device is far safer and more convenient than a regular household socket. Before charging, smart devices automatically test the connection between your car and the device. All charging events are remotely monitored and controlled.

Avoid neighbour squabbles: Avoid unnecessary energy consumption disputes between neighbours by tracking consumption data to the right person. With smart charging, all EV drivers are charged at the station's rate. Everything is automated, so neither you nor the charging station owner need to worry about payments.

Save money and the planet: With automatic charging event optimization, you'll save money and help the environment by charging when electricity is cheapest. Optimising the charging event for low-demand hours saves money and helps balance the grid. The number of EV drivers is increasing, and future mobility will be required. Energy companies can even start rewarding EV drivers for using less power, charging at off-peak times, or using their car batteries as power reserves. This is not the end!

Why Kazam?

Kazam is the world's quickest and most cost-effective route for launching, growing, and operating commercial EV charging services. We have the capability and drive to design best-in-class services that work not just today, but also in the future. This is how we empower our clients to make a difference - both financially and environmentally.

What if we tell you you could bypass all of the legwork and immediately become an EV charging service provider?

You can with Kazam. Our Kazam solution enables you to offer EV charging under your brand, while Kazam manages all of the service's intricacies. We make it simple to run an EV charging station. Maximum benefit with the least amount of effort.

Interested in learning more? Keep an eye out!

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