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All About EV Charging Management Software (CMS)
Simran Kaur
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Published on 5th Jan 22

All About EV Charging Management Software (CMS)

Electric cars are the future, for real this time.

The world of electric vehicles is brimming with possibilities, but getting there is not as simple as flicking a switch. You must first build a strong foundation.

Redefining the way the world drives

Interest in electric vehicles has fluctuated throughout the years, but the last decade has witnessed a meteoric rise in the market that seems destined to change the automotive industry. To take a stride, charging infrastructure initiatives have been handled by a variety of government and commercial entities. Efforts are being made to transition the system to a seamless mechanism; with such an easy-to-use management system, let's see how it works.

The Software Side of the EV Charging Ecosystem

An electric vehicle charging station is often referred to as an electric vehicle recharging station or an EVSE. This infrastructure provides electricity for charging the batteries in electric vehicles such as electric automobiles, electric buses, and e-scooters.


The EV station includes built-in plug-in nozzles for charging the user's vehicle's battery. While most EV charging stations are fitted with a direct current power source, solar panel heating is gaining popularity. The EV charging software provides clients with an integrated model that includes complete hardware and software support.

Let's split it down into bite-sized pieces: What does a Charging Management System do?

A charge management software programme enables you to measure, manage, and optimise electric car charging in order to increase income. From extensive analytics via the site to on-the-go charging management via the charging app.

CMS Charging Station Management System continuously monitors, measures, and controls charging station loads. It is a cloud-based backend system that is administered by the charging station's operator.

The CMS will enable user-facing applications that will assist end-users in locating nearby charging stations, reserving a charging space, and paying. Conveniently, CMS interacts with the electric vehicle charging station to manage user permission, invoicing, and charging rates.

Configuring your EVs is easy, however, how you are invoiced for the electricity they consume varies significantly. For instance, utility providers may charge you based on the time of day you utilise power. Due to the increased demand during peak grid usage, charging your vehicle at 4:00 p.m. is typically significantly more expensive than charging it at 4:00 a.m. Additionally, utilities may impose demand charges — extra expenses depending on your peak energy consumption during a specified time. It's simple to minimise these sorts of expenditures with the appropriate calculations - which is precisely what charge management software provides.

Leveraging the capabilities of charge management software

Charge management software (CMS) acts as the brains of your charging stations and is designed to maximise the efficiency with which your vehicles charge. By avoiding peak-time charges, your CMS can help you save money on electricity – and save you time by keeping things easy. While you may use the CMS that came with your charging station, many consumers prefer a CMS that is compliant with the Open Charge Point Protocol. This implies that you may use your OCPP-compliant CMS with any type of electric car charging station equipment in the future, giving you additional flexibility.

Who may benefit from the CMS?

When it comes to managing electric vehicle fleets, CMS can supervise the requirements of the fleet owners, monitor the consumption of the drivers, regulate the access of the fleet drivers, maintain transactions, and provide support for the electric vehicle infrastructure.

Operators of Charging Stations

The charging station pool requires increased attention and monitoring, which may be accomplished using CMS. The CMS keeps track of consumption and transactions, as well as provides a digital connection.

Manufacturer of Charging Stations

Electric car producers want more connections in order to run and monitor electric vehicle charging stations manually. Alternatively, developing software is a hassle. Thus, an electric car charging station maker may eliminate all effort by utilising CMS.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Residential and commercial premises with a high concentration of electric cars are likely to have an inefficient power distribution that may be corrected without physical intervention. By way of CMS.


A property equipped with an electric car charging station commands a premium in terms of goodwill and demand. As a result, developers must create a huge number of electric car charging stations and monitor them using the CMS.

One sustainable solution: Kazam CMS

Kazam CMS Charging Station Management System is software that enables intelligent configuration, monitoring, and management of numerous charging stations and electric car charging. CMS enables the consumer to configure their charging network without the need for software development. Users will be able to deploy a variety of pre-certified charging stations that support both the OCPP and Kazam protocols.


Cloud-based | OCPP | Set differential rates | Manage Users

Know why KAZAM CMS is the best?

Kazam offers a cloud-based EV Charging Management System that enables you to quickly deploy your charging network. Configure, monitor, and regulate your charging stations intelligently. The CMS is OCPP 1.6 and Kazam Protocol compatible and provides a Kazam XP emulator for testing your charging station's backend. Additionally, it monitors all charging station networks from a single dashboard, allowing you to establish differential prices, manage users, and create data. Additionally, you can now obtain a customised mobile application for both Android and iOS. To know more read - All about the Kazam CMS

Join Us For Accelerating The World’s Transition To Electric Mobility, Today!

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