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Why Maruti Suzuki is not betting on electric vehicles in India
Samiksha Patil
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Published on 16th Sep 21

Why Maruti Suzuki is not betting on electric vehicles in India?

The entire world is aware of rising emissions in the atmosphere and their impacts. Hence, taking drastic majors to phase out fossil-fuel vehicles. Taking India into consideration, the upcoming start-up and automobile enthusiasm towards EV is high. For example, the launch of Ola electric and consumer's response was considerable. With central and state governments boosting up the Electric Vehicle manufacturing and consumption through various subsidies and incentives on Electric Vehicles. There are various Electric vehicles from well-known manufacturers from the country and outside like TATA motors, Ola Electric, MG, Mahindra and Mahindra, Bajaj Auto, and TVS. But one of the largest Indian automobile manufacturers Maruti Suzuki is not into Electric vehicles yet. And why is that, let us acknowledge in today's article.


Officials Statement

R.C. Bhargava, Chairman of Maruti Suzuki India, said "Maruti will be in the electric vehicle sector. We will introduce electric vehicles, but we will do that at an appropriate time when it will be feasible to sell these electric vehicles in reasonable numbers and when it will be feasible to sell them without making a loss on the whole operation,"

He also added “Maruti Suzuki is the leader in the passenger vehicle industry, and it fully intends to have leadership in EVs. But it is important to understand EV penetration will only happen in India when conditions become such that consumers can buy it,"

"We need to recognize that our strategy for moving towards net-zero emission has to be consistent with the economic and infrastructure conditions prevailing in the country. The use of hydrogen is also an interesting alternative," and concluded.


Reasons acknowledged

Maruti Suzuki is the leading automobile manufacturer in the Country, is still not betting on Electric vehicles. Because the company believes the current infrastructure and economy of India is not ready for electric vehicles. And by the official statements, we can see that the company may not be focusing on Electric vehicles but are indulge in low carbon emissions vehicles of CNG and hybrid vehicles. And that the company will focus and launch electric vehicles but not in a hurry to do so, but at the right time when the country is accepting electric vehicles at a higher rate and keeping in consideration that the company doesn’t incur any loss by the manufacture of electric vehicles.



India may not be completely ready for the success of Electric Vehicles But until and unless automobile masterminds don't start contributing their part towards the society and environment it is difficult to change the scenario. Let's hope and look forward to Maruti Suzuki and many other manufacturers focus on Electric vehicles in the upcoming time. It is not entirely true that India is not Electric Vehicle ready, there are successful attempts to grow the Electric Vehicle sector and its infrastructure from various manufacturers and the government.

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