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Why is it So Difficult to Convince Anyone to Buy an Electric Vehicle?
Samiksha Patil
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Published on 8th Jul 21

Why is it So Difficult to Convince Anyone to Buy an Electric Vehicle?

New technologies are hard to convince as people trust the traditional and what's been going on for years. And the same is happening with Electric vehicles as they are currently evolving, hence are being experimented.

Various factors make it difficult to convince anyone about an electric vehicle, such as high price, range anxiety, lack of availability, and variety. These are discussed briefly in the further article.

High Price

The crucial point that demotivates an individual from buying an electric vehicle is the price factor. Electric Vehicles are way costlier than traditional vehicles. But the point buyers are missing is that Electric Vehicles are more efficient than conventional vehicles in the long run. The cost per km is much cheaper than a traditional vehicle and has low maintenance. But the fact of making a lumpsum investment on an Electric Vehicle makes it tougher to convince a buyer.

Range Anxiety

Another dominating reason that makes it difficult to convince anyone about Electric Vehicles is the range of an electric vehicle. The range is the duration covered by an electric vehicle once charged. And very few Electric Vehicles have a range enough to compete with traditional Vehicles. As discussed, they cost way higher than a conventional vehicle. But the upcoming models are prepared to reach around 300 miles of range. And with the changing technology, there's a possibility of Electric Vehicle getting reasonable. But. The government is trying to provide a helping hand with various incentives and tax benefits over Electric Vehicles.

Charging Time

Charging time depends on the level of the charger and the Electric Vehicle. As the Level-1 charger can charge electric vehicles take a minimum of 6 to 8 hours fully. The level-2 charger takes a minimum of 4 to 5 hours to fully charge. And the Level-3 DC fast charges take less than an hour to charge an electric vehicle up to 80%.

Replacement of Batteries

The usage increases the battery life decrease. And the performance declines in terms of range and charging time. The batteries are supposed to be replaced at a maximum of 8 years to have an uptight run. The batteries tend to last up to 10 years. And has a warranty of 5 to 8 years.

Lack of Availability

Electric vehicles are in the developing stage, but gradual progress and are not widely spread. Some remote and town areas have no sign of Electric Vehicles till date. And are hardly available in such areas.

Lack of Infrastructure

Another dominating reason why it is difficult to convince anyone to adopt Electric Vehicles is the lack of infrastructure. The electric vehicle charging infrastructure and services are taking a rise with the help of private companies and government policies but lack widespread, as the companies opt only for profit-making places.

Limited Variety

Electric vehicles provide limited variety in comparison with traditional Vehicles. The rising technology production does provide variation and High configuration but again are bound by the high price. The Electric Vehicles industry is yet not diverse as the traditional vehicles industry.


Electric Vehicles lead us to a global transition toward clean energy. But the personal compromise is what most of the users think. And that's why it's difficult to convince anyone to buy an electric vehicle.

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