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Why and When should you buy Tesla shares?
Simran Kaur
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Published on 29th Nov 21

Why and When should you buy Tesla shares?

E-mobility – the emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) – is irreversibly transforming the automotive industry, mandating the redesigning of supply chains, the updating of operating models, and the electrification of infrastructure globally.

While the full extent of the transition is yet unknown, it is evident that we have reached a tipping point in the market, which was expedited in many ways by COVID-19's consequences - E-mobility is reshaping the automotive industry at the moment.

Tesla stands as a market leader in the luxury automotive and sustainable energy sectors. To be realistic, Tesla has carved out a position for itself in the high-end Electric Vehicle (EV) segment with great design and cutting-edge technology.

Several of their automobiles seem as if they were plucked directly from a science fiction film! Additionally, The TSLA stock has increased by moreover $330 a year too far!

What Is The Tesla Hype?

Tesla is the world's largest carmaker in terms of value, surpassing Toyota Motor Corp. (TM), Honda Motor Co. (HMC), and General Motors Co. (GM) combined. All of these firms have followed Tesla's lead and now build their own electric and low-emission autos, but Tesla remains the market leader.

Tesla is not merely a maker of electric vehicles or a renewable energy firm. It is a brand founded on the value of invention and research, underpinned by Elon Musk's sophisticated business leadership. Musk's great track record of developing firms such as Zip2 Corporation, PayPal, SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Hyperloop might be a compelling prospect for investors considering TSLA stock purchases.

However, Should you consider investing in the company's shares and reaping the benefits of its rising popularity?

Take A Closer Look Into Why You Should Consider Purchasing Tesla Stocks!

1. TESLA has turned out to be profitable for the fifth consecutive quarter.

2. TSLA shares have increased 400% year to date.

3. Significant support from millennials and retail investors.

4. Recent stock split of five-to-one.

5. In Q3, 140,000 automobiles were manufactured. A 44 percent raise over the previous year.

6. $8.77 billion in total sales. Increase of 39% year over year.

7. $1.4 billion in free cash flow.


Best Time To Lock In Some Gains?

Investing in a firm founded on the core notion of innovation and design might be alluring. Simultaneously, TSLA appears to be a strong choice based on its historical growth and advantages. However, a variety of factors, like your risk tolerance, investing objectives, and financial health, might influence whether you should invest in TSLA stock.

The primary issue with Tesla, and one that investors should consider carefully, is valuation. Investors who have rode the stock higher should definitely consider taking some profits. Indeed, the stock price has doubled in the last year alone.

This includes the recent volatility associated with Elon Musk's stock sales. This is not to say that you must sell every share you hold, but prudent investors recognize the value of locking in some profits.

While many investors may use price/earnings or enterprise value/sales to assess a stock's worth, these basic formulae are incapable of accurately determining the underlying value of a business like Tesla.

Tesla is expanding faster than the rest of the auto industry.

Tesla anticipates that its car deliveries will continue to expand at an average annual rate of 50% over a "multi-year timeframe." Tesla's growth rate is indeed feasible, considering the company is beginning from a much lower basis. It increased sales by around 98 percent in the most recent quarter.

However, for the next three years, until the second quarter of 2021, it increased its quarterly revenue at an average annual pace of more than 50%.

In the long run, though, Tesla's stock price may be determined by its capacity to generate revenue other than via car sales. Of course, the most promising path is Full Self-Driving (FSD) software.

Author’s Opinion

Despite what Tesla has accomplished in the automobile industry, its stock is valued on the basis of what the business has the potential to do, particularly in the realm of autonomous driving. Tesla aficionados envision various other development options for the company — vehicle insurance, battery and energy storage, to mention a few. However, none appear to be as large as FSD. If Tesla is able to develop self-driving capabilities that are superior to those offered by competitors, its stock price may experience more rises in the long run as well. Considering Tesla's track record thus far, I believe it has a reasonable probability of completing this accomplishment - Nevertheless, do not forget to consider diversifying your portfolio and conducting your own market analysis!

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