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Which weather is the best to drive your EV?
Varnika Jain
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Published on 10th Aug 21

Which weather is the best to drive your EV?


The EV market is expanding beyond the Horizon. People are keen to know about the quintessential details of electric vehicles. With that, we have chosen this topic as a part of the analysis.

According to the Society of Manufacturers of electric vehicles(SMEV), the sales of EVs in India sold a total of 2,36,802 units as of the year 2021. This makes it even more essential to understand the role of weather for your EV.

Winter season chilling effect


Winter can be the most notorious range-killer for your EV. The day-to-day range can be affected due to auxiliary heating and cooling. When the battery is exposed to extreme weather conditions, it gets less effective, as the battery not only powers the vehicle but also provides energy to the working of the additional functions like AC. 

A) Heating and cooling the vehicle cabin 

B) Heating and cooling battery


Battery-makers have come up with numerous solutions to suit the growing demands of EV users so that they don’t have to adjust with compromising EV. They also found that a battery works perfectly at a temperature range of 21.5 C( 70F). To make a battery thermal management system to provide an optimal battery temperature. Furthermore, it would reduce the loss of battery performance.

Summer season sunstroke


Extreme heat also acts as a killer for your EV rides. They also tend to affect the range of your car and would harm your battery performance. Heat causes undue stress to the battery, which will shorten its life and drain its charge.

Heatwaves can have two impacts on your weather condition

  1. They’ll need to be cautious about how far they travel before charging up.
  2. Charging more frequently will increase the cost of operating the vehicle.


  1. Minimize the use of an air conditioner because this will suck out all the energy from the battery.
  2. Drive within the speed limit, avoid frequent brakes and pullovers that will suck out all the charge from the battery.
  3. Use energy-saving techniques like parking in a shady area. Proper inflation of tires because extremes can result in deflation or worst-case scenario a bust can take place.
  4. Limit weight in the car. 


An interesting fact to note here is that vehicles like humans like to stay at average temperature get intolerable if there is a rise or fall in temperature condition. There prevails no model in the market that doesn’t face this issue but with wisdom, you can make the most of your EV. Prepare your vehicle beforehand. If it is cool, let it warm by connecting to the charger and if it is hot, park in some shady place so that you can enjoy your trip.

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