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Which is the best electric bike in Chennai?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 24th Jan 22

Which is the best electric bike in Chennai?

As technology advances, so does the market expansion of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are the most popular choice due to their unique offering and environmental benefits. Chennai is one of the busiest metropolitan areas closely linked to innovation, and the demand for electric vehicles and high-speed charging stations is at an all-time high. It is one of the emerging cities for the EV market of India. Many manufacturers started to turn their routes for their EV units and production in Chennai. Today we will discuss a few most popular bikes available in Chennai for your daily commute with advanced features and a good range. So, let's quickly move towards the list below:

JOY E-Bike Monster


Joy Electric Bike is an electric motorcycle brand of Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Limited with a range of eight products. The Joy e-bike Monster is an electric bike that starts at Rs. 1,01,315 available in Chennai. People of Chennai buy this e-bike in one variant and two colors. The Joy e-bike Monster is equipped with front and rear disc brakes. In particular, the monster looks like a bike very similar to the small Honda Grom 125 bike. With a low saddle and only 75 kg, the monsters should be easy to use for all types of commute. It's small but equipped with key components such as an inverted front fork, tubeless tyres, and 14-inch alloy wheels. The Monster is powered by a 250W brushless DC motor with a 72V / 32Ah Li-Ion battery. The battery life is 75 km, but the top speed is only 25 km/h. It takes about 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery. Available in Chennai in two colors, black and red.

Revolt RV 300


The Revolt RV 300 is an electric entry-level bike that is a product available in Chennai from Revolt Intellicorp. Equipped with a 1.5 kW electric motor and a 2.7 kW lithium-ion battery, the RV 300 can reach a top speed of 65 km/h and a range of 80 to 150 km on a single charge. The RV 300 has the same frame, suspension, and bodywork as the Revolt RV 400, but with a different swingarm. The RV 300 has a built-in 4G LTE SIM card with a 5-year membership but lacks some features such as anti-theft locks, audio reporting systems, and remote keys. It is available in a price range of Rs. 94,999.

Simple One


One is equipped with a 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery available in a range of 150 miles in economy mode. On the other hand, the maximum speed would be 105 km/h. In addition, electric vehicle manufacturers claim that the man can accelerate from 0 to 40 km/h in 2.95 seconds, making Simple One the fastest-selling scooter in India. The maximum power of the motor is 8.5 kW. Simple One of these is unique in that, unlike its competitors, it is equipped with a chain drive system. It uses a traditional underbone chassis and is supported by a telescopic fork and mono-shock. The disc brakes at each end of the scooter have an additional warranty from CBS. Finally, the 12-inch alloy wheels should give the One sufficient stability in Chennai traffic and at high speeds.

Odysse Electric Evoqis


In March 2020, Odysse launched in Chennai which is equipped with a 4.32 kWh lithium-ion battery and with a maximum range of 140 km. The top speed of Odysse is 80 km/h. It will be fully charged within 6 hours with an Evoqis battery. The suspension is equipped with a telescopic fork at the front and a single shock absorber at the rear. In particular, the Odysse Evoqis has dual disc brakes at the front and single disc brakes at the rear. It costs 1.5 lakh rupees and has many features such as an anti-theft lock, keyless operation, and 4 driving modes.

Wrapping Up

Electric bikes are helping to save Chennai from the excess air pollution left behind. There is a shortage of EV charging stations on the highways, it is not possible to take e-bikes or scooters on highways. Electric bikes are subject to a surcharge for the initial purchase cost, but the running costs are so low as compared to petrol-powered bicycles. Electric vehicles will become a cheaper alternative to fossil fuel vehicles in the future for the people of Chennai. Electric bikes have many advantages over petrol bikes. Easy to operate, low operating costs, home payback time, plenty of time for city trips, inexpensive and easy to maintain. Most e-bikes are very elegant and practical. It will ensure sufficient performance within Chennai.

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