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Where can I install Kazam Electric Vehicle Charging Station?
Samiksha Patil
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Published on 24th Sep 21

Where can I install Kazam Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

The Electric vehicle charging industry has been flourishing in the past few years, with new start-ups coming up and the old heroes supporting the electric vehicle industry. Kazam is one such start-up that is helping in providing a base to the electric vehicle industry and leading towards electric mobility. This article will take you through the most common questions popping up in a potential electric vehicle charging station buyer. What is Kazam Electric vehicle charging stations? Why install Kazam electric vehicle charging stations? Where to install Kazam electric vehicle charging stations?


What is Kazam Electric vehicle charging stations?

Starting with Kazam electric vehicle charging station. Kazam launched in 2020. With the mission to make renewable mobility accessible to all! No electric vehicle owner should have range anxiety while driving an EV, people should always feel at ease with regularized infrastructures. Kazam charging station is an intelligent IoT-based Charging station. Currently, Kazam has 2 products that are the Kazam 3.3 and the Kazam mini.


Kazam 3.3

Kazam 3.3 is an AC Smart charging station it enables IoT and is SIM-based. The 3.3 can handle 7kw of power, the minimum additional infrastructure is just a 3pinpoint 16A socket. The charging station is weather-resistant and has a theft alert. The 3.3 has a smart multi-color LED which is to signify the ongoing function of the charger. The 3.3 has a size of 45cm in length and 30cm in width.


Kazam Mini

Kazam Mini is also a 3.3 KW AC smart charging station. Mini is not only compatible but also an affordable, Wi-Fi-based IoT-enabled charging station. The other characteristics possessed are the premium look, AC charger, smart app control, and weather resistance. Kazam Mini has a multi-color LED, which showcases the current function. And the size of 19cm in length and 30cm in width.


Why install Kazam electric vehicle charging stations?

Choosing Kazam can get you to many benefits like

Low cost

Kazam provides one of the most affordable electric vehicle charging stations in the market.


Kazam provides a weatherproof charging station.


Kazam charging stations 24*7 connectivity provides the chargers reports to the owner.


Kazam provides a flexible and compact design easy to fit the walls.


Kazam provides an android and iPhone app that will help the owner and every Electric vehicle user in various ways.


Where to install Kazam electric vehicle charging stations?

Kazam provides charging solutions to a comprehensive network but is well suited for places like:


Having an electric vehicle charging station can enhance customer experience, grab potential clients, support the restaurant's earnings and create goodwill for the restaurant.


Power fluctuations are frequent in day-to-day life. Kazam protects the home and the vehicle from such voltage surges. With Kazma, you can easily relax Indore while the electric vehicle is on a charge, and once it's done Kazam app will notify you. And will also help you track electricity consumption.


Kazam charging station at the workplace provides employee satisfaction, the company can promote the reduction of carbon footprint, use chargers for advertisement.


Kazam charging stations at malls can help enhance customer experience, generate customers, increase time spent and create goodwill for the mall.

Kirana shops

Kazam charging station provides an additional source of generating income, attract consumers, engage consumers by selling, and take the business ahead with technology.

Petrol Pump

Petrol Pumps are already at a vehicle consumption location and have idle space. Kazam helps to convert that vacant space into a source of earning.


Kazam provides Electric vehicle solutions for the entire society than individual meter connections, wherein we can track the usage, guarantee safety, and make it convenient to use.


Kazam provides charging solutions to builders as they can follow government norms, attract consumers, add up to the goodwill and have it all affordably.



Getting Electric vehicle charging stations are beneficial to electric Vehicle users. But for the non-Electric vehicle users, it does serve a huge number of benefits. And all of this can give an individual the power and goodwill of moving towards electric mobility.

Who are we?

At Kazam, we take care of our EV buyers and give them full EV solutions. From battery and charging solutions to the range and cost of electric vehicles. Make an appointment right now! Visit Kazam EV at Kazam for more information, or send us a message on our social media handles Kazam EV, and we will respond to your kazamly!

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