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What would the world look like without EV Charging Solutions?
Nimit Arora
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Published on 18th Feb 22

Electric Vehicles are becoming increasingly popular across India. However, before there can be a widespread transition to electric car usage, a sufficient network of EV charging stations must be created in order to reduce range anxiety for potential owners.

As EV adoption accelerates, people may decide where they live, eat, shop and park based on the availability of charging stations. Providing smart EV charging services to the customers would be an easy way to build loyalty and increase footfall.

Places, where customers can charge their EVs:


Owning a home EV charger is the best way to fully enjoy an EV. Having a charging point at home gives control of when to charge. There is no need to rely on public charging stations. Just plug in the EV to the charger and focus on the things to be done, or simply sleep.


After homes, workplace or office charging is the second most sought-after charging choice for EV users. Employees can charge their EVs while they are working. Corporates are also making an effort to become eco-friendly employers. Social responsibility is vital for businesses today and enabling greener transport is a crucial part of that. EV charging at the workplace sends a clear and visible message about where the business stands with respect to reducing the environmental impact of its operations & personnel.


Charging space at malls gives the shoppers a satisfying experience where they can shop carefree while their EV is safe in the parking and being charged. This is beneficial for malls as well, as it boosts the number of visitors, and as EV charging takes a while, users spend more time exploring, shopping, and spending.



These days restaurants are not just about the food. The overall experience is given more importance. The presence of charging facilities at a restaurant adds to the customer experience. Fine dining establishments, whose clients have the financial ability to own premium electric cars, are readily installing charging stations.

Housing Societies/Apartments:

Offering charging is a direct way for property owners and managers to attract residents and retain tenants who own electric cars. Installing EV charging stations at a multi-resident apartment property communicates to the tenants that their property management prioritizes environment-friendliness and essential amenities.

Most upcoming societies/apartments/townships are being readied with EV charging infrastructure. Existing ones are installing the necessary electrical connections, sockets, etc as demands from residents increase.


Petrol Pumps:

The government of India is working towards installing EV charging stations at petrol pumps across the country. For conventional vehicle owners, trips to petrol pumps for a petrol/diesel refuel are a very common occurrence. So it is a sensible option to have electric charging points at these places.

Life without EV charging solutions?

Things will come to a standstill if EV charging facilities are hampered or are not present. For companies involved in manufacturing EVs, their components, batteries and for EV owners, EV charging solutions are lifelines now. And the rapidly degrading environment also needs such solutions to preserve it.

As the EV ecosystem expands in India, it will be very common to spot EV charging solutions at the above-mentioned avenues. Without EV charging amenities, residential & commercial properties may not be considered future-ready. In many western countries, a carbon-credit system has been implemented and it is only a matter of time before India adopts it.

Without EV charging solutions, range anxiety creeps in and will affect EV sales. Do public charging stations help drive EV adoption, or does greater EV adoption demand a more comprehensive public charging infrastructure? This question has been talked about a lot in countries that have adopted EVs. In near future, installing EV charging points will become a standard in every aspect of functioning.

Kazam EV Tech provides complete solutions for EV charging at home, residential societies, malls, restaurants, Kirana shops, petrol pumps, etc. Visit us at Kazam EV for all the details.


Charging providers are competing for space at libraries, museums, parks, retailers, public & private parking places, and anywhere else that is willing to install a station.

According to Rolf Schreiber Energy & Efficiency Institute, as part of Google’s Electric Vehicle initiative, the company is operating 294 chargers on its campus in Mountain View, California. The response from the employees has been positive. On average, the charging points are used 300-400 times daily, by a growing number of EV owners. The study also suggested that the service, which is offered as an employee perk, has shown early signs of influencing EV purchase decisions.

This is just one example of the potential of providing EV charging solutions to various stakeholders. Be it offices, malls, restaurants, etc, EV charging utilities will hold great importance to provide value & support to people in near future.

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