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What Is The Best Way For Me To Market My Electric Vehicle Charger?
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Published on 25th Jul 21

What Is The Best Way For Me To Market My Electric Vehicle Charger?


When we talk about marketing products in the best way, we get a framework of analysis of main factors (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental) to influence the organisation i.e. PESTLE. It offers people professionals insight into the external factors impacting their organisation.

Because electric cars (EVs) have traditionally been considered niche products, many OEMs have focused their go-to-market (GTM) strategies on a limited, tech-savvy subset of automotive buyers. Then, as electric mobility was about to take off and sales were increasing in several worldwide markets.

Why is pestle the best?

A PESTLE analysis is an audit of six external influences on an Electric Vehicle Charger:

  • Political: Tariffs; taxation; environmental laws; trade limitations and reform; political stability

The political backing of the country is necessary to sell an EV charger. In a country like India, where EVs are encouraged, the government is seeking the best EV charger to help create a pollution-free environment.

  • Economic: Interest, exchange, inflation, and pay rates; minimum wage; working hours; unemployment (local and national); credit availability; cost of living

Credit facilities for clients with reduced interest rates on EV chargers will boost economic growth.

  • Sociological: Health consciousness; population growth rates; age distribution; career views; health and safety

Providing the best EV charger based on consumer expectations and the health and safety that they seek inevitably improves marketing.

  • Technological: New technologies are constantly being developed (for example, in the domain of robotics and artificial intelligence), and the rate of change is rising. What impact will this have on the goods or services of the organization?

New technologies employed in EV chargers have an impact on the sales of the organization by overcoming difficulties with previous technology.

  • Legal: Legislative changes affecting employment, materials access, quotas, resources, imports/exports, and taxes

New goods have an immediate impact on the imports/exports of the organisations and provide a fantastic chance for employment.

  • Environmental: Environmental concerns include global warming and the growing need to transition to more sustainable resources, ethical sourcing (both locally and nationally), as well as supply chain intelligence.

Due to polluting vehicles, there is a need for sustainable resources. Therefore the requirement of electric automobiles and EV’s charger needs will get in favour of the environment.

Organizations can acquire insight into the external influences that may affect their strategy and business decisions by analysing such variables. It helps HR and senior management to identify and assess risks specific to their EV charger marketing industry and organisation and then use that information to make choices.

7P’s to market an Electric Vehicle Charger


Product, pricing, promotion, venue, people, process, and physical evidence are the seven Ps of marketing. Furthermore, these seven components make up the marketing mix. This combination strategically positions a company in the market and may be employed with varying degrees of power. It has done to guarantee that the target audience is happy, that the value perception is correct, and that the company stands out from the competition. Implementing these P's in the best way you see appropriate for your organisation may be highly advantageous, but you must first fully comprehend each piece of the 7 P's jigsaw.

PRODUCT- As you might expect, this refers to the goods or services that a company provides. An element's decisions include the purpose of an EV charger, how this EV charger appears, packing, any warranties, and more. Furthermore, when focusing on the first P, you must think thoroughly about your customers. Customers want to know what is included, what they can get out of it, what need or want it serves, and why your EV charger is better than the competition. To begin, you must fully comprehend each component of the 7 P's jigsaw.

PRICE - Price encapsulates the complete price mechanism for EV chargers, as well as how customers would react to it. Furthermore, this part delves further than just selling prices. Discounts, conditions, fees, and so on are all included in the price. When determining price, examine your company's present position to its rivals. If you promote an EV charger, your price should match.

PROMOTION - Promotion is the act of actively marketing to customers. This P discusses the concept of publicising EV chargers. It might also take the shape of numerous ads, SEO, SEM, sponsorship, and so on. It is critical to publicise your EV charger to get new clients and increase revenue.

PLACE - This P refers to various sites where an EV charger has been manufacturing, advertised, distributed, and sold. You should give a guarantee that clients can locate your EV charger. Furthermore, it must be accessible to customers at the appropriate location and right time. This P phase may use to investigate selling EV chargers via e-commerce, in-store, or third-party channels.

PEOPLE - People are more than simply people to whom you sell and advertise. Staff, salesmen, customer support teams, and everyone involved in the marketing and sales operations has wholly included. You want your workers to be efficient and well-liked by EV charging consumers.

PROCESS - This phase involves delivering your EVs to a client. Functions, activities, tasks, and processes must map out. It ensures that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Check your procedures regularly to ensure they are straightforward and enhance your capacity to produce money. This step may include several try and error sessions.

PHYSICAL EVIDENCE - Your customer should always get physical evidence to confirm their transaction. Consider how your EV charger provides the best service to consumers through rapid charging and other features. Even if it is only the receipt, people prefer to get something that invokes their senses to ensure that they have received the EV charger that they are seeking. This physical object confirms the shopping process and creates a sense of worth from the purchase.


Marketing is the most thrilling of all business sports. It is the beating heart of any successful firm. It has been evolving in reaction to the explosion of knowledge, the advancement of technology, and the ferocity of competition at all levels. Understand marketing methods and better analysation marketing externalities while selling EV chargers.

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