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What is it like to travel to Chennai with an electric vehicle?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 18th Jan 22

What is it like to travel to Chennai with an electric vehicle?

Chennai is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu, located on the Coromandel Coast in the Bay of Bengal in southern India. This coastal town also has a port that used to be known as Madras. Chennai was the first settlement established by the East India Company. The city is known for its culture and traditions and obviously for its tourism. The scenic beauty of Chennai attracts everyone. There are many tourist places in and around Chennai. Amir Mahal, Annanagar Tower Park, Kapaleshwar Temple, Arinagar Anna Zoo, Parthasarathy Temple, Guindy National Park, Ennore Port, Ashok Stam, St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica, Marina Beach This place is worth visiting in Chennai city. Traveling with your EV in Chennai will give you an amazing experience. The availability of charging ports across the city will make your journey easy and hassle-free.


It's vacation time! Are you planning to hit the road behind the wheel of your electric car during vacation? So, leave with peace of mind by following our advice to prepare for your Chennai trip with an electric car.

1. Prepare your Chennai Itinerary according to charging ports available

When we go on vacation and plan to travel a lot with an electric vehicle, it is necessary to know the location of public charging stations. Moreover, several tools are allowing you to locate nearby charging stations. You can use Kazam EV mobile Application to locate the charging ports in Chennai. This also allows you to see the types of charging stations and their availability. You can even create your travel itinerary based on the charging stations available to you on the road. Additionally, if you have the Kazam app, it will show you nearby charging stations and their availability.

2. Plan stops on the road

Charging an electric car takes longer than filling up with gas. It is also necessary to plan several stops to recharge the car. This is an opportunity to stop for dinner, a snack, to go shopping, or simply to stretch your legs by taking a short walk. You will thus spend quality time while leaving behind the wheel of a well-charged car.

3. Charge your car at the hotel

More and more hotel establishments are offering charging station service to their customers, sometimes even free of charge. It is, therefore, preferable to choose a hotel offering charging stations. Your electric car will therefore be able to fully recharge its battery while you are resting. Some hotels having EV charging stations in Chennai are Urvashi Residency, Zingle Stay Airport, Hotel White Mount, Grand View Residency Chennai and so on.

4. Bring a portable charging station

Even if there are many charging stations available in shops or on the roads, it is better to plan by bringing your level 1 portable charging station (120 volts) if you have one at home. You can also consider bringing an extension cord to have better access to an electrical outlet. Even if the recharge time is very long, it can still help you out in an emergency. You can never be too careful!

Best practices for traveling by electric car

First, you can use ECO mode, which is available on many electric car models. This will allow you to save your autonomy.

Then, when driving, it is important to adopt a flexible driving style, to anticipate braking and acceleration, and to reduce your general speed to spare your batteries. When you come to a stop, it may be beneficial to turn off the engine if the stop in question lasts more than 20 seconds. This will once again save your autonomy. Unnecessary charges also affect the range of your electric car, which is why it is important to travel as light as possible.


The air conditioning in your vehicle can also be very energy-intensive. Indeed, it is necessary to take care to adapt the latter to your driving conditions. To be as economical as possible, rolling the windows open in the town of Chennai is preferable. At higher speeds, on the other hand, air conditioning is preferable. The opening of the windows induces a loss of aerodynamics, therefore of speed, and consequently of autonomy. As far as possible, it is best to drive without air conditioning and windows closed. This allows both to save autonomy and therefore money, but also to be more respectful of the environment.

The last piece of advice for the autonomy of your vehicle, monitor the charging conditions of the latter. Indeed, recharging a vehicle whose charge is already greater than 75% can accelerate the aging of its batteries. Climatic charging and parking conditions must also be taken into account. Charging for parking your vehicle at night and or in a place not exposed to high temperatures is beneficial. This avoids leaving with batteries that are too hot. In winter, on the other hand, it is the opposite. It is better to leave as soon as the charge is finished so as not to waste time and autonomy for the batteries to warm up.

EV Charging Station in Chennai

  1. Kazam EV Charging Station
  2. EESL Charging Station
  3. ReVolt's Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  4. Plugin Plus Private Limited
  5. Lectron Charging Station
  6. Relux Electric Charging Station

Wrapping Up

As you will have understood, good planning is the key when planning to travel by electric car. Thanks to the autonomy of today's cars and the infrastructure available on the roads, it is quite possible to travel 100% electric. By following our advice, you will be ready to travel to Chennai for long hours in your electric car.

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