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What is Hero Electric up to these days? The Gogoro VIVA
Ruchita Soni
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Published on 21st May 21

What is Hero Electric up to these days? The Gogoro VIVA

Hero Electric is India's first and largest electric 2-wheeler manufacturer with hundreds of thousands of happy customers and growing.

Hero Electric is a pioneer and market leader in the Indian electric two-wheeler industry. They have been at the forefront of electric mobility in India for more than a decade. They believe in providing ecological 2-wheeler solutions to their consumers, which, above all, provide excellent value for money to their customers. 

Gogoro VIVA,Hero Electric,Two wheeler,EVs,Scooter,Kazam

Hero MotoCorp's recently announced strategic partnership with Taiwanese company Gogoro Inc. can be considered as one of the most important steps taken by management in the last few years. This may help the firm to remain relevant in the competitive two-wheeler market in the coming years. The partnership will help Hero to set up a network of lithium-ion battery-swapping stations in India for two-wheelers and the two companies will also jointly develop electric vehicles, a segment that includes Hero Bajaj Auto, TVS Motor Company and some is lagging compared to. Start up.

In addition, entry-level two-wheelers, where Hero is the market leader, are expected to be the first segment to switch to electric in the coming years, according to experts. Hero has not yet been able to launch an electric vehicle on its own. Therefore, the success and failure of the new collaboration can significantly impact Hero's business in the coming days.

Gogoro VIVA,Hero Electric,Two wheeler,EVs,Scooter,Kazam

The tie-up with Gogoro will help Hero establish a nationwide lithium-ion battery swapping station network, and the technology is largely considered a more cost-effective way of operating electric two- and three-wheelers. The central government is also promoting this technology to boost sales of electric vehicles in India. The two companies will also come together to develop electric vehicles suited to the domestic market, which will help Hero to gain a foothold in the electric two-wheeler space.

Gogoro VIVA,Hero Electric,Two wheeler,EVs,Scooter,Kazam

Hero Gogoro VIVA Hero MotoCorp has partnered with Taiwan-based Gogoro to develop electric scooters and manufacture EV charging infrastructure in India. Gogoro already has a trademark of 'Viva' in the Indian market, which will probably be the first product of this partnership. The Gogoro Viva is a lightweight, easy-to-drive electric scooter, rated at peak power of 4.1 PS and a claimed range of 85 km. The India-spec version is likely to have similar specifications, and the launch is expected in 2022.

Gogoro is making electric vehicles for other automakers in select international markets. Apart from this, Gogoro is also selling some 2 wheelers under its nameplate. Hero MotoCorp has not yet confirmed whether it will develop the scooter from scratch or source it from Gogoro. Hero will be the latest to join the electric vehicle segment, as TVS and Bajaj have already introduced iQube and Chetak electric scooters in our market.

Gogoro VIVA,Hero Electric,Two wheeler,EVs,Scooter,Kazam

Interestingly, Gogoro has patented its VIVA electric scooter in India. This includes the design as well as the name VIVA. The Gogoro VIVA is a light scooter, promoted as an easy 2-wheeler. The scooter is available in two variants - Keyless and Basic. The slimmer design makes it easier to ride and park wherever you want. Single battery, easily swap - it takes only one battery to run, making it a snap to swap.

The electric motor of the Gogoro VIVA produces 3KW of power and 115Nm of torque. This scooter offers an electric range of 85km and weighs just 80kg. Talking about the features, the scooter gets LED headlamps, smart sensors, synchronized braking system, dual hydraulic disc brakes, single color LCD negative display with backlight, fixed step bar, USB charging port etc.

Gogoro VIVA,Hero Electric,Two wheeler,EVs,Scooter,Kazam

It measures 1,680mm in length, 630mm in width and 1,050mm in height and has a wheelbase of 1,164mm. The scooter seat height is 740mm. While we were just browsing, we landed in an interesting development. Gogoro has patented its VIVA scooter in India. It includes both - its design as well as the VIVA name. The VIVA is a very colorful and light scooter from the the Taiwanese company and is promoted as an easy 2-wheeler. VIVA is made from a new environmentally friendly and low-cost recyclable body shell made of polypropylene. It is almost unbreakable, scratch resistant and colorful. The scooter has a strong and simple dashboard.

The VIVA is designed to be affordable. The scooter is practically maintenance free and can be serviced by most regular scooter garages. The scooter has a large 21-litre compartment under the big seat.

Smart Scooter

The scooter is a true smart scooter and connects to mobile phones for access to scooter apps. The scooter has advanced anti-theft features. The scooter can connect to devices such as the Smart Watch to easily unlock the scooter without key. The scooter is provided with 24/7 ride support for international customers. By pressing a button on the scooter, you can connect with the Gogoro operator for support. Gogoro always values the features you need for a safe, reliable ride.

Overall, this could be a very good starting point for Hero/Gogoro to go on his electric journey.

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