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Volkswagen joins Tesla in calling for a lower import tax on electric vehicles in India
Varnika Jain
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Published on 16th Sep 21

Volkswagen joins Tesla in calling for a lower import tax on electric vehicles in India.

Volkswagen, a German motor manufacturing unit, was founded in 1937 by the then labor party. Volkswagen made a worldwide appearance in the year 2016-2017. The company offers a wide range of SUVs, powerful hatchbacks and comfortable sedans, and a lot more. The company is the world’s leading in manufacturing of automobiles and commercial vehicle groups in the world.

In News

Volkswagen has been exploring new EV policies in India. But it would need to see lower import duties, stable policies on taxations, and long-term incentives. The development of charging infrastructure would play a major role in influencing the new EV policy in India.

What is Happening?

In India, fully-built imported cars are taxed at 100%, but the government wishes to curb these taxes by up to 40%. This decision came days after Tesla(Inc.) appealed for a cut.

"I'm not at all saying that local manufacturing should not be encouraged but the duty of 60% and 100% is prohibitively high at this juncture," said Boparai, adding that to manufacture EVs locally there first needed to be more demand. Volkswagen, which intends to surpass Tesla as the world's biggest EV creator by 2025, is contributing billions of dollars to change to battery-controlled vehicles which it hopes to represent half of its worldwide vehicle deals by 2030.

In July, Volkswagen started deals of three Audi electric SUVs valued at about $133,0000, putting them far from most purchasers in India where 95% of vehicles were sold for under $20,000. One year from now, it intends to dispatch its extravagance Porsche Taycan EV in India.

Establishing EVs is a lot of hard work. Not really having a clear roadmap and not reducing duties will slow progress towards EVs - both adoption as well as manufacturing," boparai said.

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