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Upcoming Ola AppScooter v/s Hero Electric Scooters
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Published on 16th Feb 21

Upcoming Ola's AppScooter v/s  Hero Electric Scooters

As we all can see in the past few years the electric vehicle industry has been revolutionized with the launch of a variety of ev models, available for various purposes with many more yet to come.EV’s now are becoming a trend as people are getting aware of their various benefits and the contribution of it towards mother nature.

Intending to keep people engaged, the companies never fail to amuse their customers with the latest launches and many times with upgraded versions of the previous one.

With a  mission of becoming the world’s largest scooter manufacturing facility, ola electric mobility signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Tamil Nadu government and announced that it will invest Rs 2,400 crores to set up a factory to manufacture electric two-wheelers in Hosur ,Tamil Nadu.

And not only this, The e-mobility division of the company has started testing its upcoming eco-friendly scooter, a few days ago ola electric scooter, namely, Appscooter.

This e-scooter is based on the Dutch-made Etergo electric scooter. Appscooter offers a 240km range on a single charge, courtesy 3 swappable battery packs measuring 1.155kWh each, at a constant speed of 20kmph so the real-world range will be lower.

It is powered by a 50Nm motor with a peak output of 6kW and continuous output of 3kW, which allows it to accelerate to 45kmph in 3.9 seconds. However, this figure is based on simulations and has not been tested. But with a weight of just 74kg and all 50Nm of torque available from 0kmph.

It gets disc brakes at both ends (200mm/180mm) and rolls on 12-inch alloy wheels. Single-sided suspension front and rear mean both wheels are entirely visible from the right side. This is a smart scooter with Bluetooth connectivity that can pair up to your phone to offer features such as geo-fencing, remote locking/unlocking, on-screen navigation, and phone call and music playback management. And this ev is expected to launch in the second half of 2021 for 1.50 lakh.

Ola+Etergo : Ola's Appscooter , likely to be launched in second half of 2021

Coming to hero electric scooters, which have been in market for quite a long time, is going to launch two new models which include AE-29 and AE-8. Other than these two, Hero electric offers 6 more e-scooters.

Here is a glance for those who don’t know about the scooters that have been already on the market.

Optima LARs. 44,990
FlashRs. 39,990 - 52,990
NYXRs. 63,990 - 79,990
PhotonRs. 61,866 - 72,990
DashRs. 50,000 - 62,000
HeroElectric : The Smart Move

Hero Electric Scooters price starts at Rs 39,990. The Hero Electric Nyx is the most expensive among scooters of Hero Electric with a price of Rs 79,990. The most popular names in the line-up include Optima LA, Flash, NYX, Photon, and Dash.

The upcoming hero electric scooters , Hero electric AE-29, and Hero electric AE-8 would be available at Rs 85,000 and Rs 70,000 respectively.

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