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Uber has announced the winners of its Green Mobility Innovation Challenge, and Kazam EV is one of them
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 13th Dec 21

Uber Technology has announced the winners of the Uber Green Movement Innovation Challenge and has awarded the winners a Rs 7.5 million grant. This grant will assist all winners in launching their products into the market. This initiative will increase electric vehicle adoption and usage among Indians. The primary goal of this challenge is to focus on E2W and E3W innovation, charging port accessibility, and partnerships or financial business plans that could increase the use of electric vehicles in India. Uber encourages innovation in two key areas to power the electric vehicle ecosystem. First, domestic manufacturers should be encouraged to market EV products, particularly motorcycles and e-rickshaws, in order to extend battery life and alleviate mileage concerns through innovative products. Second, it promotes a collaborative model to encourage the use of electric vehicles in daily transportation. One of the program's main focus areas is the agenda to promote shared mobility.


5 winners of Uber Green Mobility Innovation Challenge

The name of the 5 winners of the Innovative challenge is Kazam EV Tech Pvt Ltd, Virya Batteries Pvt Ltd, Body cast Innovators Pvt Ltd, Emuron Technologies, and Racenergy. Uber runs this challenge in partnership with Startup India, government-provided online support portal iCreate, for entrepreneurs and start-up companies, featuring more than 150 signups from India. Major signups are done by startups and innovators from various places across India. Winners will also receive a grant of Rs 7.5 million from Uber to pace up their innovative green mobility ideas and will also receive a 6-month business deal with iCreate. The participants other than winners are also entitled to a two-month incubation period, guidance and support from Uber operators, and access to iCreate labs and coworking locations.

Members of the Grand Jury are:

1. Mahua Acharya (CEO of Convergence Energy Services Ltd (CESL))

2. Prof Anadi Saran Pande (Professor of Strategic Management at IIM Lucknow)

3. Anupam Jalote (Promoter of GreenOil)

4. Nandini Maheshwari (Head, Business Development of APAC)

5. Venkatesh Kancharla ( Director of Uber)

Words from the Jury

In his keynote address, Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive of NITI Aayog said: “Green groups will thrive in the future. Reducing CO2 emissions is important for everyone as Uber drives the start of EV. I wish all the best to all 5 winners for future success."


By 2040, Uber aims to ensure that 100% of the world's vehicles should be zero-emission vehicles like mini buses and public transport, said Prabhjeet Singh, president of Uber India South Asia. “Achieving this goal is not easy in India, but we want to work with many Indian startups already active in the electric and government vehicle industry to achieve this goal." He further added, I think this is going too fast, so we need to support a wide variety of technologies to boost the adoption of the Electric Vehicle in India. That's why we're partnering with many OEMs, various battery manufacturers, charging infrastructure providers, and many more. Now that we've taken on this challenge, we hope to get closer to the Innovative center and expand it by leveraging creating a fast-growing platform for EV businesses.

Anupam Jalote, CEO of iCreate, said: “Electric vehicles are a priority area for iCreate and our vision is to harness the power of innovation to address the key challenges of the Indian EV industry. We are pleased that the participants take a step forward to provide EV solutions. We are confident that your ideas will be transformed into EV solutions during the iCreate training period."

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