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Toyota Yaris Hybrid
shayma Shamim
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Published on 30th Sep 21

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Japanese car brand seems to have offered a new model that is environmentally friendly from A to Z and that is Toyota Yaris Hybrid. To be consistent with its increasingly ecological cars, we will review today Toyota's EV to decide between buying an EV more easily.

The design of the Yaris hybrid

First, a vague impression of a miniature Toyota Prius comes to mind. The exterior design of the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid is very elaborate and offers a nice overall appearance. Restyled in 2014 like the rest of the Yaris range, the Yaris hybrid takes on a much more expressive look than the previous generation with a new “X” -shaped grille. However, the hybrid version of the Yaris differs from its thermal counterparts by a series of exclusive equipment such as the bluish logo specific to the Toyota hybrid range or the use of LED daytime running lights. In spring 2017, the Yaris hybrid is entitled to a new restyling. Less marked, the grille is now content with two chrome bars biting the hood and extending the new light signature "Y" daytime running lights. At the rear, shield, tailgate, and lights are completely new on this new version.


Energy consumption and recovery

Let's start now to approach the point of view of consumption by noting a great novelty: the Toyota Yaris Hybrid has an energy recovery system during braking (electronically controlled braking that recovers energy and stores it in the battery ), and restitution on acceleration. This technology makes it possible to significantly limit consumption, particularly in urban traffic. Consumption in this environment is announced at 3.1 l / 100 km; in the combined cycle, the city car consumes only 3.3 l / 100 km, which makes it possible to achieve with a full tank of fuel (36 liters), around 1,000 kilometers. CO2 emissions vary between 75 (urban cycle) and 82 (extra-urban cycle) grams per kilometer. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid meets the Euro 6 emission standard.

The hybrid engine

A question may remain: how can we fit two engines (gasoline and electric) and a controller under the hood of this small model? Well, the engineers of the Japanese firm did it, based on the model of the Toyota Prius 2. Thus the full hybrid hides from us a total engine power of 100 horsepower, divided between a first gasoline unit of 75 horsepower and a second electric unit with a power of 61 horsepower, itself powered by a 19 kW battery. The transmission takes place without a clutch: the battery can be recharged while the heat engine is working, with or without the assistance of the electric unit.

From an operational point of view, simplicity is essential. From the start, the electric mode drives the vehicle. If the acceleration is important, the heat engine takes over; the same applies as soon as the car exceeds 50 km / h. However, the driver can press the “EV” button if he wishes to force electric mode. Another model, the "B", helps to boost battery recharging during braking. Another important point is the significant technological advancement of the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive: the new generation of the engine allows three times faster recharging of the battery, thus making it possible to use the electric motor more often. In the Toyota Yaris 2017, no change in engine side, but Toyota promises better soundproofing and more pleasant road performance.


The interior of the Yaris Hybrid

Also restyled in 2014, the new interior of the Yaris hybrid results for Toyota from three fundamental objectives resulting from customer feedback from previous generations. The first is, accentuate the impression of space and dynamism in the passenger compartment; the second one is to improve the perceived quality, and thirdly, visually simplify the whole by playing on color variations and improving the finishes. Display level, the tachometer gives way to an energy indicator. Blue is omnipresent on the dashboard (dials, central console) and the upholstery (steering wheel, handbrake, automatic gear shift knob). In terms of the trunk, the motto of the model retains its meaning: "compact on the outside but spacious on the inside". The city car has a 286-liter luggage compartment.


The Yaris obtained the maximum evaluation in the Euro NCAP 2011 crash tests, namely 5 stars. On the equipment side, it has seven airbags, ABS, traction control and vehicle stability (TRC and VSC), as well as emergency braking assistance. A reversing camera with a central display is also integrated into the vehicle.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Price

Without counting the ecological bonus, the price of the Toyota Yaris hybrid starts from € 20,150 including tax. The hybrid city car from the Japanese manufacturer is now available in three trim levels.

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