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Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Electric Car
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Published on 9th Aug 21

Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Electric Car

Emerging technologies and game-changing innovations have enabled automobiles to move towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. Electric cars (EVs) are emerging as a game-changing sustainable solution, and India has recognised large-scale EV adoption as crucial to reaching its climate change targets. "Change is the only constant in life!" Change is a part of our lives, and most of the time, humans work together to bring about constructive social change. One of the most significant advances in the car industry in recent years has been the preface of EVs. Electric vehicles look to be the best option for the future!

If you are in the market for a new automobile, the EVs available in the Indian market may an excellent option for you. In this article, we will go through the advantages of purchasing an EV in India right now!


Low Operating Expenses

Perhaps the most important argument for purchasing an EV is the expense of upkeep. If you buy a car with an IC engine, it will have more mechanical parts, which will be more complicated to maintain. Because of their basic structure and function, EVs are simple and inexpensive to maintain.

EVs don't make any noise of their own!

Another advantage that an EV has over your current vehicle is its ability to operate silently. The idea is simple if there is no engine beneath the hood, there will be no noise! The electric motor is so quiet that you can read a book inside! In terms of practicality, EV may deliver a more comfortable ride due to its entirely silent operation, no matter how quiet the cabin of a car with an engine. EVs are so silent that manufacturers must create fake noises to make them safe for pedestrians.

Low Operating Costs

Another significant benefit that EVs have over traditional IC engine vehicles is lower operating costs. For example, the Hyundai Kona can go about 450 kilometres on a single charge, bringing the running expenses down to less than a single rupee per kilometre! Isn't it amazing? It is the most essential of all the advantages of purchasing an EV in India!

No further price increases for gasoline!

Do fluctuating gasoline prices bother you? If you purchase an EV, you will no longer worry about the daily fluctuations in petrol and diesel costs. While the government adjusts fuel prices based on worldwide pricing, you won't have to worry after buying an EV because you won't need the fuel. You can drive in peace for the rest of your life!

Home Charging Made Simple!

You may be familiar with the crowds that appear unexpectedly at gas stations during peak hours. Also, stopping to refuel your car while on your way to work might cause you to be late. In this situation, EVs have a significant advantage in that you can plug in your vehicle at home for 4-5 hours and, you are ready to go without delay. If you own an EV, you may use your house as a gasoline station! The only downside in this situation is that you may forget to plug in your PC at some point! EVs now have rapid charging capabilities, allowing them to power in as little as 60 minutes!

Simple to operate

All-electric vehicles are gearless, beginning with an electric scooter and progressing to an electric bus. Yes, because you don't have to work the gear systems, EVs are a joy to drive. You simply need to utilise a series of buttons or pedals to increase or reduce the speed, and that's all! If you believe that an automatic petrol/diesel car can provide you with the same level of comfort, then consider the following benefits of purchasing an EV. Continue reading!

Environmentally friendly: No harm done to the environment.

If you own or intend to purchase an EV, you are unquestionably helping the environment. While the globe was on lockdown, the planet repaired itself, and we should always take the environment in mind while making decisions. Purchasing an EV will help you minimise your carbon footprint because there will be no emissions! EVs are now one of the most environmentally friendly means of transportation on the market.

More Storage Options and a More Comfortable Cabin

We have previously noted how quiet the interior is, but if you choose an EV, you will also receive more legroom. Although the front portion of the cabin has more storage space due to the absence of the gear lever, the back section of the cabin has a level floor, allowing the passenger in the centre to enjoy the trip to the maximum! As there is no engine this time, storage choices expand. There may be storage alternatives in the front under the hood. When compared to engine motors and batteries take up very little space.

Incentives from the government

The advantages of purchasing an EV extend beyond the car itself. The Delhi government now wants you to buy an electric vehicle (EV) because they are the future! The Delhi government has just established a new electric car policy that allows you to receive additional advantages of up to 1.5 lakhs! Do you want to learn more about the strategy? Read on for more information!

EVs are the future!

Considering where we're going, EVs are the only future we can hope for! Fossil fuels are running out and, it is not a fair decision to use up all the fossil fuels while still living. Electricity also creates using fossil fuels, but we are gradually shifting toward renewable energy sources, which are unquestionably the way of the future! We have solar and wind energy, both of which are sustainable and do not pollute the environment! EVs are the future, and we must get acclimated to them now!


It was all about the importance of EVs and the advantages of purchasing an EV that we can take advantage of if we choose to buy an EV right now!

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