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This Could Be The Future Volkswagen ID.2: Let's Review
shayma Shamim
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Published on 5th Oct 21

This Could Be The Future Volkswagen ID.2: Let's Review

Volkswagen continues its race towards electrification and despite some delay in launches, before the ID.3 and ID.4, it could soon expand the ID family downwards. Electric equivalents of the Polo and the T-Roc, the Volkswagen ID.1 and ID.2 will embody the new entry-level offer of the German group. Commercialization is expected between 2023 and 2024. If the compact ID.3 presented in Frankfurt promises a selling price of fewer than 30,000 euros excluding bonuses in its entry-level version, this is not yet sufficient to make the electric accessible to all budgets. Well aware of the problem and keen to target its new ID range to a very large audience, Volkswagen is already working on a new range of low-cost electric cars. The Wolfsburg-based manufacturer, according to Reuters, has given life to the “Small Bev ” project and plans to put on the market a small electric the size of the Polo. The small car should cost between 20 thousand and 25 thousand euros, which would make it cheaper than the ID.3, which arrived in dealerships last September. The car could thus take the name of ID.2 leaving the ID.1 to an even more compact car. However, Volkswagen has not provided further details on what the car will look like or where it will be built, and when it could be presented.


Volkswagen ID.2: the electric T-Roc

For Volkswagen, electric also goes through the SUV segment. While the Volkswagen ID.4, the production version of the ID. Crozz's concept should arrive very soon after the launch of the ID.3, the German group is considering the launch of an even more compact electric SUV. Equivalent to the current T-Roc, it is also expected in the next few years. "From 2023, at the latest in 2024, we will also launch an e-model the size of a T-Roc for less than 20,000 euros" had already announced Michael Jost, director of the group's strategy, at the beginning of this year. Production of the future Volkswagen ID.1 and ID.2 is expected to take place at the plant in Emden, Lower Saxony. Volkswagen plans to produce up to 300,000 units there each year.

60% on battery

The Germans, on the other hand, confirmed that the strict limits on emissions imposed by the European Union will likely push it to increase the percentage of battery-powered vehicles to be put on the market in the Old Continent: the quota - according to the German company - could pass in 2030 from 40% expected today, 60%. The Wolfsburg-based manufacturer - which plans to build 1.5 million electric cars by 2025 - has confirmed that it has increased the investments planned for new zero-emission and connected vehicles to a total of 73 billion euros, 35 of which only for electric ones.


LiFePo4 batteries to keep the price down

This connectivity will also be necessary for all entry-level electric cars based, such as the Volkswagen ID.2, on the MEB Entry platform. This would allow users of car-sharing offers to rent the vehicle by smartphone and activate certain functions as needed. This new platform could receive batteries between 30 and 45 kWh, based on LiFePo4 (lithium-iron-phosphate) technology. Basic in their characteristics in terms of autonomy and recharging, these cells have the advantage of being more affordable. This would help the brand to be more competitive, just like the production that could be sent to Spain, to the Seat factory in Martorell, where the next Cupra electric city car should also see the light of day.

Wrapping Up

While it will take a few more years before these electric equivalents of the Polo and T-Roc land on the market, customers interested in acquiring an electric car at a lower cost will be able to fall back on the small e-Up. More compact, the micro-city car has a brand new 36.8 kWh battery pack allowing around 260 kilometers of range. Expected in the next few months, it will be offered for 20,000 euros

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