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The Renault 5 Prototype EV Hatchback Revealed
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Published on 3rd Jul 21

The Renault 5 Prototype EV Hatchback Revealed

About Renault: A throwback to the past

The original Renault 5 was inaugurated in 1972, and by 1980, it had become one of the global best-selling vehicles. The 5 Gordini was released in the United Kingdom in 1976, and it is now considered one of the first truly hot hatchbacks around the globe. After that, the Renault 5 GT Turbo was released in 1980. Finally, the Supercinq, the second generation, debuted in 1984 with a new look and a new platform.

An icon reinvented for the 21st century time

The newly revealed Renault 5 prototype shows the design and technology of the French carmaker for its new electrical premium hatchback. The 5 Prototype production version is expecting in 2024 in international markets. This new Renault 5 nameplate will be part of a new and significant plan for reviving the fortunes of the French firm and will be part of a CMF-BEV small electric vehicle platform for the Renault Group.

Official Statement:

Renault design chief Gilles Vidal said: “The design of the Renault 5 Prototype is based on the R5, a cult model of our heritage. This prototype easily represents modernity, a vehicle relevant to its time: urban, electric, attractive.”

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Basic Features:

• The Specification of Production Renault 5 EV is to be based on the platform CMF-BEV.

• It will be cheaper with a coverage range of 400 km than the Renault Zoe EV.

• The Renault 5 prototype has a distinctive design inspired by its predecessors.

What is the Renault 5 Prototype?

The styling and design cues for the Renault 5 Prototype come from Clio's predecessor, which Renault produced from 1972 to 1996. It will be one of 14 new models – including seven fully electric vehicles – to be introduced by the French automaker by 2025. It will also join by the 4ever, a new version of the Renault 4 hatchback.

The French company first revealed the new model 5 concept as part of the ‘Renaulution' strategic plan devised by new CEO Luca de Meo. The 5 Prototype city cars will play a crucial role in the target of Renault selling 30 percent of its electric vehicles by 2025.

Renault 5 Prototype: Design

The Renault 5 Prototype is a five-door all-electric supermini. The design incorporates numerous nods to various versions of the original Renault 5 stable, including the cult classic Renault 5 GT Turbo and the Supercinq, but with a modern EV twist. For example, the flared wheel arches, headlights, and upright rear lights. The EV charging point is cleverly located in the off-centre bonnet air intake, and the fog lights in the lower front bumper serve as daytime running lights. The front headlights are constructed on the original design, and an EV charging port is locating where the radiator grille was on the original. The concept has wider rear wheel arches and a red stripe livery reminiscent of the R5 Turbo hot hatch, hinting at the possibility of a high-performance version of the new model.

Renault 5 EV hatchback: technical specifications

The company has confirmed that the product specifications of Renault 5 will use new powertrain technology and nickel, manganese, and cobalt-based (NCM) batteries, claiming that this will help reduce the cost per kWh dramatically by 2030. The Renault 5 will have a range of around 400 kilometres, according to Renault. The concept is full of technical specifications that have yet to be revealed by Renault.

Renault 2021 lineup for India

Renault currently has four models available in our market: the Kwid hatchback, Kiger compact SUV, Duster midsize SUV, and Triber MPV. The Zoe EV hatchback was also being considered for India, with the carmaker even planning to show it off at the 2020 Auto Show.

Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault, stated during a Renault electropop event that the usage of the new platform and revamped battery technology would allow the company to sell the 5 for approximately 33% less than the current Zoe.

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