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The joy of owning an electric vehicle
shayma shamim
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Published on 30th Jul 21

The joy of owning an electric vehicle

A light pressure on the gas pedal and the vehicles are already shrinking visibly in your rearview mirror. Warning! The power of an electric car can be addictive. E-vehicles accelerate almost silently and without a cloud of exhaust fumes. In addition, the number of charging stations in India is growing very rapidly. The light is green for electric driving with complete peace of mind.

Describing the pleasure of owning and driving an Electric Vehicle is difficult; it is only possible to experience it. Even small electric cars have such sporty acceleration, all you have to do is smile behind the wheel.


Having an Electric vehicle make a difference

But this is also due to the other advantages of electric vehicles. The energy efficiency of an electric car is much higher than that of a car equipped with a combustion engine. Electric cars glide silently and relieve cities of the noise of engines. As a driver, you also save yourself a detour to the petrol station. As the network of charging stations is constantly growing, you can often charge your e-vehicle where you left it, for example in the parking space provided by your employer or that of a shopping center. Reconsider what “refueling” means: with electric cars, you don't wait for the battery to run out. Whenever the opportunity to park your vehicle arises, you take the opportunity to recharge it. Thus, public electric service stations are the ideal complement to your home charging station.

And the best part is that more and more electric charging stations are available to you throughout the country. As per reports, India will require approximately 400,000 charging stations to fulfill the supply and demand for 2 million electric vehicles (EVs) expected to hit the market by 2026. We too are helping to develop a network of charging stations located at attractive locations for electric cars. We build IoT, SIM-based chargers of 3.3 KW with waterproof, anti-theft features. Your vehicle can recharge the electricity needed to travel in the fastest way. No need to order a tea, with such a rapid recharge and espresso should suffice.


Having charging stations at attractive locations doubles your joy

When it comes to charging stations for electric vehicles, having the best locations is of the utmost importance. Wherever a large number of cars are parked for a long period of time - for example in shopping centers, parking lots, or excursion places - it is worth locating an electric filling station. Conversely, a charging station placed in the right place on a company's site helps the company gain new customers and increase its turnover.

Wrapping up

Although the electric car is not yet dominant in the market, it already gives a sense of joy to many Ev users that are pushing more of us to equip them. Thus, for more than 100 years, to adapt to uses and satisfy drivers by guaranteeing performance, comfort, and driving pleasure, constant research has been carried out to develop the technology of electric vehicles. Almost no noise, no local polluting emissions, no need - or almost - for a gearbox, an efficiency of around 90%, almost no maintenance, and a high torque available from start-up: electric motors have many advantages compared to their thermal equivalents, starting with their ease of use. We can also add to this long list their weight and size significantly reduced compared to a gasoline or diesel unit of the same power, which facilitates their integration. They can thus be easily positioned in front or behind, under the boot floor, or even in front and behind to obtain all-wheel drive without mechanical connection between the axles, with the possibility of finely and independently controlling the torque delivered to each of the engines, either for safety or for agility.

Who are we?

At Kazam, you can find every possible assistance about Electric vehicles and their charging stations in India. We also take care of our EV buyers and give them customized EV solutions as per their needs. From battery and charging solutions to the range and cost of electric vehicles, this is the one-stop-shop for every EV requirement. For more information, please visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/, or write to us your concerns on our social media handles Kazam EV, and we will try to respond to your queries at the earliest. Book an appointment today!

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