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Tesla launches its electric vehicles in two more markets
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Published on 24th May 21

While project India is on hold, Tesla officially introduces its electric cars in two more markets

To maintain its dominance in the electric vehicle business, Tesla gets into the limelight again by launching its electric cars in two more new markets. Tesla, expected to join the Indian automobile market, but no specific date has been. Tesla is moving forward its way into eastern and central European regions, where it might most likely. Even though they sell cars produced in the Shanghai factory.

About Tesla

Tesla, Inc., formerly Tesla Motors, is an electric vehicle manufacturer based in California. Tesla Motors was established in 2003, having the goal of creating an electric sports automobile. Tesla Motors debuted its first automobile, the fully electric Roadster, in 2008. It has a range of 245 miles (394 kilometers) on a single charge, which is unmatched for a production electric vehicle. In the plug-in and battery electric passenger car sectors, Tesla had the greatest sales in 2020. Elon Musk, who provided the majority of the initial finance, has been the company's CEO since 2008.

Around the Globe, Tesla

The cars produced by Tesla in Shanghai Gigafactory arrived at the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium at the end of November 2020, before selling in European countries that include Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Scrutinized, according to state-run Xinhua News Agency.

Europe was the world's largest market for electric vehicles in 2020, but China surpassed it in the early months of 2021. According to research by Schmidt based on public data, Tesla sold more automobiles in 18 important European regions in March than any other automaker - 23,841 new registrations. It was aided in part by a quarterly delivery schedule that was highly weighted towards the conclusion. 

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Tesla dominated Europe in 2019, selling more than 109,000 cars and holding a 31 per cent market share in the battery-electric automobiles region. Even though Tesla had a poor start in January when just 3.5 per cent of battery-electric vehicles registered in Europe that month were Tesla’s, the tide may be shifting in 2021. Because of its supply schedule, the European company lowered volumes around the beginning of each quarter, although its market share was higher in January 2020, at 5%.

Although markets such as Hungary and Romania, countries of Europe, are unlikely to boost sales, having a presence there makes sense given that the business already ships its cars to numerous nearby nations. And, in recent months, the company has increased its exports to European markets, selling roughly 14,174 electric vehicles built in China, another conceivable reason why new markets here would make a lot of sense.

In this sense, Tesla has been constructing its charging network, known as Supercharger Stations, in several European nations in the hopes of attracting additional customers.

Why is India still waiting?

Tesla, based in California, intends to start its journey in India this year, according to a tweet from another Tesla fan organisation. Tesla's only concrete effort so far has been to register a company in the state of Karnataka in January. Seeing the excitement and popularity of Tesla on the worldwide market, politicians and automobile enthusiasts in India are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a Tesla on Indian roads. However, Tesla hasn't said anything about its plans in India yet. When Tesla finally breaks into the Indian market, it will face several obstacles, including competition from domestic automakers and cheap pricing. However, if Tesla can overcome these obstacles, it will be able to expand its dominance by gaining access to millions of new customers, as well as, experts believe, accelerating the growth of India's EV market as a whole.

According to Deb Mukherji, general director of Omega Seiki Mobility, a New Delhi-based EV company, "Tesla will bring a paradigm shift in the EV market as a whole in India."

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