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Tata Will Launch 10 New EVs By 2025
shayma shamim
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Published on 2nd Jul 21

Tata Will Launch 10 New EVs By 2025

The country's leading automaker Tata Motors has announced on 30th June that it will bring ten new electric vehicles to India by 2025. Tata Motors will accelerate its presence in electric vehicles with plans to have ten battery electric vehicles in less than four years. That is, all these electric cars are being specially designed for the Indian market only. Currently, in the Indian car market, the Tata Nexon EV is the only EV car sold by the company. Nexon is very economical as well as gives you a very good driving range in full charge.

Earlier this year, Tata Motors announced that the Nexon EV sales have reached over 4,000 units since its launch in January 2020. Also, Nexon EV was the best-selling electric vehicle in India in the financial year 2020-21. 

The company's chairman N Chandrasekaran said the aim of bringing ten new electric vehicles to India is to make the business model "more sustainable." Tata Motors is looking for partnerships with companies in cell and battery manufacturing in India and Europe to ensure supply for its production of electric vehicles. The company's electric car Nexon EV is being liked a lot in India. Seeing the increasing demand for this electric car, the company has decided to expand its electric car production in the country.

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The penetration of electric vehicles has doubled to 2% in the current year. Chandrasekaran has said in the company's annual report for 2020-21, "We expect rapid market penetration in the coming years. Tata Motors will lead this transformation in the Indian market. By 2025, Tata Motors will have ten new BEV vehicles and, as a group, we will be actively investing in setting up charging infrastructure across the country." He also said that the company is assessing opportunities to create an automotive software and engineering vertical within the group. It will help the company to move towards a connected and autonomous vehicles environment. With a focus on sustainable mobility, the Tata Group seeks to accelerate the process of e-mobility in India and around the world.

Jaguar Land Rover brand also aims to have 100% zero tailpipe emissions by the end of 2030. Jaguar aims to become fully electric by 2025. Whereas by 2030, 60 percent of the company sales will be of full BEV vehicles. Chandrasekaran also emphasized the business model built on the foundation of environmental sustainability and climate resilience. “To address and take advantage of these megatrends, we are planning to make our strategy based on sustainable business models," he added.

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