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Take Control of Your EV Charging Infrastructure with Kazam CMS
Simran Kaur
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Published on 19th Jan 22

Take Control of Your EV Charging Infrastructure With Kazam CMS

Turn the clock back a few years, to a time prior to the pandemic. The electric vehicle (EV) revolution was merely a glimmer in the eye of many a futurist at the time. Now, however, it is far more tangible, and we are beginning to gain a better understanding of what an electric future will look like and how it will work.

With the entry of automobile manufacturers into the EV market, the development of robust charging infrastructure, the smart innovation of charging management software, and its expansion into the blockchain, the industry has come a long way.

With whistling startups shaping the EV Ecosystem, Kazam stands at the forefront of Indian innovation. With Kazam, Electric vehicle owners will greatly benefit from a safe, trustworthy, affordable, and easily accessible charging station. Kazam has advanced not only in the development of a robust charging station, but also in the design of a charging management system, and has now built the world's first EV charging station simulator. It allows customers to test the app functionality without having any electric charging station. Continue reading to know more.

In That Case, What Is A Central Management System? (CMS)

In order to monitor, measure, and control the electricity charging loads, EV charging companies frequently use a Central Management System (CMS). It is a backend system that is hosted in the cloud and managed by the company that operates the charging station. It communicates with the CMS in order to manage user authorization, billing, and rate of charging, among other things. End-user-facing apps will be able to use the CMS to help them find the nearest charging stations, reserve a charging slot, and pay for their charges. Kazam is one of the best EV charging companies in India, and provides you with CMS through their website www.kazam.in as well as a mobile app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


Let's Take a Closer Look at KAZAM CMS

Convenience, Competence, and Captivating

Charging management has never been easier than it is with KAZAM.

Kazam charging management software enables you to monitor, manage, and optimize electric vehicle charging in order to increase revenue. From advanced analytics through our Business Portal to on-the-go charging management through our Kazam Charge app, going electric has never been easier.

  • Locate all your chargers in one place: With Kazam CMS, the user will be able to locate and manage any deployed charging station anywhere in the world, as well as monitor them remotely.
  • Monitor charge point usage and transaction visibility in real-time: Regardless of the hardware manufacturer, Kazam's software and cloud platform enable us to manage, analyze, and load balance all charging stations through a single dashboard.
  • Supports Global Standards: The platform simplifies the process of integrating and operating a network comprised of equipment from multiple OEMs. Kazam supports interoperability between Mobility Service Providers via OCPI & charging stations that use the OCPP 1.6 protocol. Additionally, you can connect your customized charging station to the platform in just a few simple steps.


The Kazam CMS Solutions

Our Station, Our Software, Your Brand

KAZAM charging stations will enable EV to be 24*7 on the go! Additionally, it will aid in the establishment of a network of effective charging stations. The Kazam API platform enables you to easily build a custom mobile application or integrate one into an existing mobile application. Kazam understands the critical nature of providing the best possible customer experience.


Our Software, Your Station, Your Brand

Enhance your EV charging experience with our extensive industry expertise and scalable software-as-a-service solution. Additionally, a branded driver mobile app and management portal is included! Kazam will aid you to accelerate the growth of your network with out-of-the-box innovations such as interoperability and OCPP compliance – providing you with ultimate charging station flexibility through our platform's dozens of advanced stations.


Our Solution for Your Fleet

For fast-moving Charge Point Operators and eMobility Service Providers, building on an enterprise-scale platform is critical. You'll be able to scale and streamline your EV charging operations, allowing you to enter the market more quickly and affordably. Kazam empowers businesses ranging from e-Mobility providers to cafés and hotel chains to create a customized experience for their professional EV drivers.


Kazam has built the world’s first EV charging station simulator, it allows customers to test the app functionality without having any electric charging station.

Not only this it also offers A PRE-BUILT APP FOR ALL SOLUTIONS


How Does It Function?




Let us know what you're looking for, and we'll make it happen | KAZAM CMS

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