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Suzuki plans to enter India with EVs in 2025
Varnika Jain
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Published on 10th Aug 21

Suzuki plans to enter India with EVs in 2025 


Suzuki motors, a multinational co-operation is Japanese with headquarters at Minami-Ku. Suzuki made a stage show entry in India in the year 1982 by shaking hands with Maruti and launching a medium-range model named Maruti800 for middle-income family groups. 

What's happening?

Suzuki Motors will launch its EV by 2025 with India as a target market with 100% application by 2023. The auto-makers of the company will be raising an amount of 1.5 million yen with an all-electric compact model.

"We have been saying that we will enter EV and strong hybrid cars in India by 2025," a Suzuki spokesperson said but added that the company has not announced any price or whether it will launch EVs in India first.

Advantages for Suzuki in India

Suzuki has gained a stronghold over the Indian continent by partnering with Maruti, this places Suzuki in a hybrid segment place above all the carmaker companies in India.


The government of India is focused on achieving a 30% electric vehicle by 2030. As part of the Paris agreement in 2015, India committed to reducing its gross domestic product (GHG emissions per unit GDP) by 33% - 35% over 2005 levels by 2030. Companies like Suzuki will help in building the blocks of EVs in India. 

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