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Surat company gifts Electric Scooters on Diwali to its 35 employees
shayma Shamim
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Published on 10th Nov 21

Surat company gifts Electric Scooters on Diwali to its 35 employees

We all know that Diwali is a festival of lights and exchanging gifts to your loved ones, family, friends, employees, and co-workers. In order to follow this tradition, A Surat-based company, Surat Alliance Group has done the same. The company has given electric scooters to employees at the Diwali festival as a festive gift. Employees' joy and enthusiasm after receiving the Electric scooter goes up to another level and they all seem very happy after getting their Diwali present. These scooters were given to workers for the Diwali festival on Thursday. Employees are very satisfied with the company's initiatives towards green vehicles and hiking petrol prices.

As per the reports, Alliance Group gifted Okinawa electric scooters to 35 employees of its company as a Diwali gift. According to the Twitter photos of ANI, it looks like an Okinawa PraisePro electric scooter which costs approximately Rs 79,845 in India. With the rise in petrol prices and E-mobility contribution in environmental protection, the company decided to offer electric scooters for free as a gift to its employees.


CEO Subhash Davar said in an interview that “the idea of giving Electric scooters as a Diwali gift to the employees has been made taking into account the rise in the prices of petrol and the negative impact of traditional vehicles on the environment. The hike in petrol price issue is not only discussed in the media, but it also not in the favor of the financial position of the company, and therefore such a decision not only saves fuel costs but also allows us to put our efforts into the protection of the environment and make our planet green and pollution-free."

About the gifted Okinawa PraisePro E-scooter

The ex-showroom price for an Okinawa E-scooter in India is Rs 79,845. To buy this electric scooter, order it for Rs 2,000 from the official website of the company. This Electric scooter of Okinawa is equipped with a 1000W BLDC motor that generates up to 2500W of power. The equipped battery capacity of PraisePro is 2.0 kWh and you can charge this scooter completely within 2-3 hours. It gives you a range of 88 km with a full charge (sport mode) and also has E ABS with a top speed of 58 km / h. Okinawa PraisePro sporty features make this E-scooter, a premium electric scooter. It is available in two variants, Praise and Praise Pro, and there are LED headlights with LED daytime running lights on each side of the scooter and a steep signal folded into the LED. It also has many features such as a side stand signal, anti-theft sensor, keyless entry, scooter detector, and more. It has a telescopic fork and a double shock absorber in the front and rear ends. It has a disc brake and dual disc brakes at the rear and front end.


State initiatives towards green vehicle

The Gujarat government recently launched a plan to offer electric motorcycles construction and business workers at incentivized prices. The Green Programme, initiated by CM Bhupendra Patel, aims to help the environment, improve electric vehicle adoption, reduce fuel costs, and control pollution and harmful emissions by the traditional vehicle. Electric vehicle sales are also increasing across the country. Authorities say the number of such vehicles has exceeded the total number of natural gas and mixed fuel vehicles registered in Delhi in recent months. According to official figures, from July to September, electric vehicles had a share of 7% of the total number of vehicles registered by the State Transport Authority, and CNG vehicles accounted for 6%. The government also introduced a State Electric Vehicle policy in August last year. Since then, the share of electric vehicles in the total number of registered vehicles has increased from over 1% to the current 7%. The majority of electric vehicles registered are tricycles and two-wheelers, but more and more electric vehicles and buses are now visible on the roads of the country. People started emphasizing and promoting the use of Electric vehicles to reduce pollution and this initiative of Diwali gift will definitely bring a change and boost the adoption.

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