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Subsidy for EV Charging Stations in Delhi: BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani, Tata Power - What, When, Who, How and More
Ayera Parti
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Published on 13th Feb 22

The Delhi EV Policy was notified on August 7, 2020, with two objectives. The primary goal was to make electric vehicles widely used & mobile in New Delhi. The second goal was to make EV Charging Stations available in every public & private institution. They desired EV charging solutions in every institute, commercial establishment, workplace, bungalow, & even homes & bungalows. On 14 July 2021, the 3 distribution companies (Discoms) in Delhi, BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani, & Tata Power, issued a tender to impanel EV charging equipment companies to provide EV stations to the people of Delhi. In today's video, we'll learn who can buy these subsidized EV charging stations & reap the benefits.

Who can avail of the benefit of the subsidy scheme?

Commercial structures such as malls/offices, institutional structures such as hospital colleges, Group Housing Society, and, finally, Kirana Stores & shops. Private property owners, such as bungalows, individual house owners, & apartments, can also benefit from the scheme.

Types of charging stations involved in the subsidy scheme:

LEV AC, Bharat AC 001, & Bharat DC 001. Kindly note that the subsidy is only on LEV AC & Bharat AC 001.

Number of subsidies

You will receive a subsidy of Rs.6000 per charge point. If you are a single-dwelling household, bungalow, or home with one electric meter, you will be eligible for a subsidy on only one charging station. You will receive one charging station per customer account number, also known as a CA number. Colleges, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, & Kirana stores can purchase up to 20 charging stations. One thing to keep in mind: the number of charging stations requested should be 20% less than the number of parking spaces available. This means that if a mall has ten parking spaces, the mall owner can only subsidize two charging stations.

About the products: LEV AC & Bharat AC 001

LEV AC: Single socket charging station with an input & output voltage of 230 V & maxing current 16 AMPS. This is a wall-mounted charging station, it also includes an energy meter with a 98% accuracy rate that tells you the reading of the consumed unit of electricity. This can be controlled by a mobile application & also has LED lights in which different colors mean different processes. With safety features like earthing & circuit breaker. Come to the price, the Kazam EV charging station will cost you Rs.3000 (The original price of this charging station is Rs.9000 with the upfront subsidy is Rs.6000). Scope of work: installation, delivery, annual maintenance, & five-meter wire cost is included in this.

Bharat AC 001: Also known as type one charger, this has 3 sockets & all of these are 230 V & 15 AMPS. The benefit of this is that you can charge up to 3 cars at one time. The charger can be controlled with the mobile application, it has visual indications & various safety features. This charger runs on an OCPP base. Rs.32,000-Rs.35,000 after subsidy.

How to buy this charging station & avail the benefit of this subsidy scheme?

All the 3 Discoms BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani, & Tata Power on their website have a specific section live just for you to go on the portal & select the charging station you would like to install. The link to all these portals is BSES Yamuna Power LImmited, BSES Rajdhani Power Limited, or Tata Power DDL. Depending on the place you live you can choose the electricity provider & buy the chagrin station.


To check the process of applying on Tata Power DDL click on Subsidy for EV Charging Stations in Delhi; BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani, Tata Power at our Youtube Channel. If you face any difficulty do contact us at Kazam X Delhi Charging Station Subsidy.


  1. How many charging stations are included in his plan? 30,000 EV Charging Stations
  2. Payment terms? Flexible; the vendor will contact you after you register on the portal.
  3. Do you need a special meter? This charging station can be installed using standard electricity. If you require subsidized electricity, you must install a separate meter & pay additional fees as a result. We recommend first installing & testing your charging station's performance before proceeding with additional meter services.
  4. Can I use it to charge people in public? Yes
  5. Which charger should I buy? You can install the LEVAC charger because it is inexpensive. However, if you are a heavy user, you can choose the other option.
  6. Why not a 3 pin connection? To solve this problem you can buy an industrial connector to a 3 pin converter.

Do you have any more questions or concerns?

Please contact us at support@kazam.in or +91 9958943092. Our team will respond to all questions you may have. To request a callback, go to Kazam Charging Station - Delhi Subsidy and fill out the form. We will be delighted to assist you.

To know more visit: Subsidy for EV Charging Stations in Delhi; BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani, Tata Power at our Youtube Channel.

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