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States with highest EV sales in India
Varnika Jain
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Published on 29th Apr 21

States with the Highest Electric Vehicle Sales in India

Just as human’s needs know no bound so he strives to achieve more in order to lead an advanced life in the same way automobiles too are demanding new technology to compete with the high standards set by the human race.

So with that set today in this article we’ll be analyzing the top states which have tried to relinquish the hunger of new generation automobiles. India’s electric mobility sector is on a fast road of recovery, as due to the surge in Covid cases resulting in the downfall of sales in India. Since the country is struggling to meet the FAME II deadline which is adding 10 lakh electric two-wheelers by March 2022.

Top three States with EV sales in India are:

  •  Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh alone contributed to 23% sales of EVs in the country with 31584 EVs sold in FY 2021. Meghna Nair, an analyst at CEEW-CEF, said, “Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Karnataka were the top 3 states in terms of EV sales in FY21. Uttar Pradesh stands out alone in contributing 23 percent of the country’s sales, with 31,584 EVs sold in Fiscal year 2021. The top 10 states together account for 88 per cent of all EVs sold in India. Since 2011-12, India has hit the target of over 6.38 lakh electric vehicles. In fact, many consumers are shifting from a petrol sedan to an electric sedan in the Delhi-NCR region thus ending up saving Rs. 30000 in operational costs on an annual basis. This can further increase the enthusiasm to start the adoption of EVs that is set to become one of the targeted objectives of the central government in the coming times.
  •  Chennai: Tamil Nadu's flourishing capital Chennai nicknamed as the "Detroit of Asia" because of the presence of major automobile manufacturing units and allied industries around the city. The state, is one of the world’s 10 largest auto manufacturing hubs, is now attracting big players globally for electric two and three-wheelers. As of January 2021, we noticed a drastic fall of 24% in the sales of diesel/ petrol vehicles in Tamil Nadu. In 2020, Regional Transport officer( RTO) registered a total sales of 5,696 EVs, almost 90% of these purchases were purely contributed to scooters. The main reason stated for the lack of sales was less push by government authorities. Mr. S Rajvel, state chairperson of Federation of Automobile Dealers Association told the main reason for this hike in the sale of scooters was “those who ride them travel less than 60km a day.
  •  Karnataka: Karnataka is the first state to augment the sales of Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Policy that looks not only at boosting sales of EVs, but also setting up charging infrastructure and special manufacturing zones. The state has promised employment to 55,000 individuals by employing this manpower in EV industries. One of the top requirements set by Karnataka’s government policy is to set up EV manufacturing zones along with facilities for testing that can be used by both start-ups as well as well established industries. Further adding to this Karnataka’s industries minister R V Deshpande said, “I am sure this policy would be a game-changer in the industry and will be a model for other states.

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