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Should I buy an Electric Cargo Truck?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 4th Jan 22

Should I buy an Electric Cargo Truck?

With the emerging trend, heavy transport can also go green. Trucks and articulated lorries, those on which most goods travel could soon be electrified without losing their transport efficiency. The farewell to diesel engines to power trucks with batteries had so far been greeted with great scepticism by all operators in the sector. Despite the promises of companies on the crest of the wave, such as Elon Musk's Tesla, to build such powerful electric engines not to regret those powered by diesel. The main object has always been related to the size and weight of lithium batteries. To have the same performance as diesel, most of a load of a truck should be reserved for batteries. Everything would therefore be postponed until technology will allow the construction of smaller and lighter batteries.


Why should you buy an Electric Cargo Truck?

Pros depend on the needs you have, starting with the load. And also how much confidence you place in the fact that an Electric Truck Cargo meets the needs of the users. The advantages are however attributable to 4 categories:

1. WEIGHT: The battery pack is not a feather and you have to understand if and how much it affects the transportable load.

2. TECHNOLOGY: Is it or is it not ready? And will these trucks and vans last ten years or more? But be careful, we add: just like in traditional vehicles, not all brands are the same.

3. COSTS: Optimists are betting that maintenance costs, starting with energy, will be lower. And that when it comes to reselling it, an electric truck will have a higher residual value. And also that the prices for the purchase will gradually drop. The pessimists, on the other hand.

4. RECHARGE: Are you confident that refills will soon be not only widespread but also fast? And that technology will also evolve? If, on the other hand, you are pessimistic, you will find yourself in the right place

You should buy Electric Cargo Truck because,

1. Greenlight in the city

As a zero-emission vehicle, the electric truck does not suffer from restrictions on circulation in environmental areas and is protected from the risk of traffic blocks such as those that are increasingly affecting traffic in large cities.

2. Easy driving

The immediacy of operation makes an electric truck easier and more comfortable to drive than a traditional one, even compared to automatic transmissions: there are no gaps in torque delivery, which translates into a smooth ride and less stressful for the driver. Also, overcome the problem of continuous switching on and off during close deliveries.


3. Little maintenance

The essential mechanics have the not entirely secondary advantage of reducing maintenance times and costs: much fewer parts subject to breakage and wear, reduce the probability of unwanted machine breakdowns and downtime, coupons are carried out more quickly and are on average 30% less expensive as compared to equivalent means with traditional mechanics. A benefit that lasts over time, when a vehicle traditionally requires more frequent interventions and repairs

4. "Ideal" performance

The generous and instantaneous torque is particularly appreciated precisely on short transport: an electric motor suffers much less the load, even (and above all) on slopes: uphill we start without tiring the clutch (which is not there) and without the need for the help of the brakes, the electric resistance offers an excellent engine brake when descending, which is also used to recover energy.

Wrapping Up

Will the future of transport be electric? Judging by the momentum of the manufacturers, largely forced by increasingly stringent environmental regulations, we would say yes and slowly the trend is also moving to light transport.

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