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Should I buy an electric car or a petrol car
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Published on 23rd Jan 21

Should I buy an electric car or a petrol car?

Electric Cars vs Petrol Cars: There are many options that are available nowadays.

electric vs petrol cars

As we know, In the past years, petrol was the only option available when you are thinking to purchase a new car. but now you have more choices that are available in the market. You can purchase cars that are powered by electricity, and vehicles that utilize both electricity and traditional fuel like petrol, which are known as hybrid cars. Electric cars do not need any fuel. They run on the batteries as they required time to time charging to run.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a petrol car?

Here are some advantages of Petrol Cars:

Petrol cars are the most popular cars on the market for a longer time period. They’ve been around the longest, and offer many benefits over electric cars. The main advantage of petrol cars is that they are generally cheaper to purchase. Also, they are easier to maintain than electric cars. They also tend to handle better and are better overall when it comes to speed. Petrol cars are there for so many years. So, it has huge market coverage around the globe. Petrol cars need fuel which is available everywhere. So, there is less worry about fueling. In petrol cars, there are so many options that are available. As there is a high demand for petrol cars around the globe.

There are also some cons of petrol cars.

Petrol is quite expensive, so fuelling a petrol car is often more expensive. For middle and low-class people, it is a dream to have their own car. The main disadvantage is petrol cars are not particularly energy-efficient, and they aren’t very good for the environment as they cause air and soil pollution. Their expensive price, the high price of fuel are some cons of petrol cars.

Cost of running an electric vehicle in India

Let’s assume for the five years.

Electric cars
Cost of vehicle8,00,000
Range of mileage120 (km/charge)
Maintainance cost (5 years)15,000
Cost of fuel1,50,000
Units of power consumed7500

Hence the total expenses required for electric vehicles are lesser than petrol vehicles. So, they are more affordable.

Here are some advantages of Electric Cars.

One of the biggest advantages of electric cars is that they are contributing a lot to save our environment by reducing pollution. Electric cars run on electricity, meaning that they require no petrol to run, which essentially eliminates your fuel costs. Electric cars are also much more quiet and smooth to drive on the roads than petrol cars are. Electric cars are cheaper to operate, and not just because of the low fuel costs. Also, they don’t require the maintenance and oil changes that petrol cars do. So, it is possible to people to have their own car as it saves you a lot of money.

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of Electric Cars.

The main disadvantage of electric cars is that you have to charge them for a long time to start your journey. sometimes charging is required overnight to get the power you need for a journey. In fact, most standard electric cars only provide you with 80 to 100 miles of range, before they need recharging again. They are expensive to purchase than petrol cars.

Should I buy an electric car or a petrol car?

You can choose it as per your budget, time, expectations. Electric cars are expensive than petrol cars but once you buy them you will get the benefit of saving maintenance cost and fuel cost. You can purchase vehicles that are powered by electricity as well as vehicles that utilize both electricity and traditional fuel like petrol, which are known as hybrid cars. 

Try to save our environment by using electric cars.

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