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Sales of EV in Jan 2022 India
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 18th Feb 22

Sales of EV in Jan 2022 India

The industry has been leading EV sales across the country for a long time as the industry experienced good growth in January 2022, while EV sales generally declined this month. The total number of electric vehicle registrations in January 2022 decreased by 5% compared to the previous month due to the third wave caused by Omicron-related restrictions. However, the number of registrations has tripled compared to January 2021.

According to official statistics from the Ministry of Road Transport, total electric vehicle sales in January 2022 (all shares combined) are less as compared to sales of 50,906 units in December 2021 and more than January 2021 with sales of 16,214 units in January 2021. A total of 48,130 units were sold in Jan 2022.

Two-wheelers sales in Jan 2022


The total number of registered high-speed electric motorcycles or scooters increased from 24,725 in December 2021 to 27,563 in January 2022, an increase of 11% from the previous month and five times more than in January 2021 accounted 93% of sales of the total electric motorcycles registered from the giant automakers of the country. Hero Electric is the largest player with 7,763 electric motorcycle registrations this month, a second and third position acquired by Okinawa with 5,611 and Ampere vehicles with 4,218 sales of EV respectively which makes all three automakers total sales contributing to two-thirds E2W sales in Jan 2022. Electric scooters are the first choice for consumers and they are the mainstay of sales. We will see several launches in the coming months, especially in the high-speed scooter segment by traditional ICE experts like Bajaj Auto all set to launch a new electric two-wheeler in the market.

Three-wheelers sales in Jan 2022


The number of three-wheeler electric passenger vehicles and three-wheeler electric vehicle cargo was registered at around 18The electric vehicle industry is off to a great start in 2022. ,176 in January 2022, down 22% from the previous month, compared to 23,373 registered in December 2021. However, it increased by 71% year on year as per forecasting. January 2022 electric vehicle registration consisted of passenger-type electric three-wheelers and electric motorcycles and scooters, which combined contributed to 89.8% of monthly registrations. This is followed by electric three-wheelers with a 3.8% contribution.

Four-wheelers sales in Jan 2022


Electric vehicle sales in January 2022 were 1,479 units, down 41% from the previous month, but EV registrations increased by 138% from the same month last year. This month, Tata Motors increased electric vehicle registration ith 91% sales in January 2022. Sales this month were led by PMI Electro, which accounted for 66% of total electric bus sales in January 2022, followed by Olectra Greentech with 18% sales and JBM Auto with 16% sales in Jan 2022. The total number of electric four wheelers registrations in January 2022 was around 1,460, compared to 2,522 sales in December 2021.

Key Highlights

1. Out of all the regions and geographies, Uttar Pradesh still has the highest monthly electric vehicle sales in January 2022, accounting for 20% of the total sales in India. Maharashtra came in second with a 12% share, followed by Karnataka with 10%, Tamil Nadu with 9%, Delhi with 7%, and Rajasthan with 7% sales of EV in Jan 2022.

2. As of January 2022, the combined sales of the seven major electric three-wheelers manufacturers in the passenger and cargo sectors accounted for 36% of the total E3W market. YC EV ​​has the highest market share at 8.9%, followed by Mahindra Electric Mobility with 7.6%, Saera Electric Auto with 4.8%, Champion Polyplast with 3.9%, Dilli Electric with 3.9%, Unique International Special with sales of 3.4%, and Best Way groups with 3.5% sales in Jan 2022.

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