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Role of Women in the Electric Vehicle Industry
Simran Kaur
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Published on 30th Jun 21

Role of Women in the Electric Vehicle Industry

Any society that fails to harness the energy and creativity of its women is at a huge disadvantage in the modern world. - Tian Wei

The electric vehicle industry is notoriously known for being male-dominated with recognisable names such as Elon Musk and Henry Ford. Male overrepresentation and mismatched advertising are legacies of traditional advertising methods, and the chasm is particularly visible in the luxury sports car and electric vehicle sectors. Why do women get the short end of the stick? 

Currently, women represent just 27% of the car manufacturing workforce in the, compared to around 47% of the total working force. Women are a major consumer demographic in many areas of the economy but continue to be under-appreciated and underrepresented in automobile and transportation.

What impact will the presence of women have on the EV industry?

For decades, car sales have catered to males, and electric vehicle showrooms are no exception. Worse still, the business is overwhelmingly male, and presentations regarding electric vehicles are frequently conducted by guys who talk in engineer-speak and miss the point of many women. Let’s look at the EV industry from a women’s point of view, and how women’s presence would affect the EV industry. 

  • Decision Making - Women make up to 85% of automobile purchase choices. Even though the majority of EV drivers are still males, more women are opting for an electric vehicle, such as a battery-electric vehicle (BEV) or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) . Thus if the marketing strategy becomes more inclined towards women, it would gradually lift up the sales.
  • Sustainability - Women are more concerned about the environment than males are, and with cause. (Internal combustion engine pollution is especially dangerous to pregnant women and children.) Electric vehicle proponents would do well to underline to women how switching from gasoline to electric vehicles improves not just the quality of the air we all breathe, but also the health of people we care about. Men generally desire acceleration, elegance, and speed when it comes to Electric automobiles. Women desire that their children grow up on a healthy planet. While women represented a sizable potential market for EVs, the automobile industry in these more developed EV regions generally disregarded them. Unsurprisingly, women would prioritize the environmental effect while searching for a new automobile. Thus impacting the environmental sustainability. 
  • Charging Infrastructure - Access to sufficient charging stations for electric vehicles is a challenge that may be handled more effectively with women in mind. While charging is possible both at home and at public charging stations, home charging is a significant selling advantage for women, who place a premium on safety and convenience. For individuals who are unable to charge at work or at home, locating a charging station may become easier if women step up to take responsibility. 
  • Range - Women place a larger premium on practicality when choosing a car, they will likely enjoy that charging speeds and availability are advancing, as is vehicle range, or the distance an electric vehicle can drive before requiring a charge. Thus the demand and technological advancement would rise up with the entry of more women in the EV industry. 
  • Easy Application - Since the epidemic began, many women have had to balance several tasks, such as grocery shopping and caring for children and loved ones, while still attempting to maintain employment. The prospect of learning yet another skill, in this case how to charge a car, might seem overwhelming. Since charging an EV comes in handy, it becomes a plus point for women buyers; additionally, less hazardous gasoline fumes in the air surrounding features as another selling point.
  • Affordability- Due to the fact that women continue to earn less than males, a condition exacerbated by the epidemic, transportation expenses are frequently a valid worry for them, something electric car makers should also address. Fortunately, the electric car industry today offers a plethora of options, many of which are affordably priced. Used electric vehicles and leasing alternatives further reduce the cost of electric vehicles. (Because electric cars operate on electricity rather than gasoline and require fewer repairs, they are actually more affordable to own in the long term.) Thus creating a market for women. 
  • Safety - Having said that, electric cars can be absurdly quick, with some models reaching 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds and topping out at over 200 miles per hour. While these are great statistics, they are geared at guys, who receive more speeding fines and are involved in more accidents. Promoting vehicle safety and a pleasant ride will be significantly more beneficial than promoting speed and performance. Women’s will considerably make the EV revolution into a more safer and sustainable one. 
  • Equality & Belonging - Women want to see more female executives in the electric car business. Female salesmen may be more adept at addressing women's concerns while shopping for a car. They may demonstrate to potential buyers that women are not only informed about electric vehicles but also capable of projecting a distinct image of an electric car enthusiast. According to one woman, the secret to encouraging women to drive electric cars is for them to know another woman who does.

Success so far: 

Evolet, an electric car firm led by a woman, showed up in the 2020 Auto Expo (produced by Madhumita Agrawal, Co-Founder, OBEN Electric Vehicle Private Limited.) Additionally, several female businesses are also prospering in the electric vehicle market, like EV Match - the Airbnb of EV chargers - and Luscious Garage, an all-female-owned EV repair business. Women's progress in the sector can only be accelerated by recognizing and supporting diversity, which will in turn bring innovation and new perspectives to the business.

How to boost women’s involvement in the EV industry? Initiatives for women :

A fantastic endeavor is the EV Summit's Top Women in EV campaign. Managing director of EV Summit, Rashida Noray explains, “Automotive has historically been a male-dominated industry and we're making sure that we put a spotlight on the women in the industry who are making strides towards our sustainable future. Our aim with this campaign is not only to give our nominees the accolades they rightly deserve but to inspire the next generation of 'Electric Women’.” 

Additionally, a new EV racing series, Extreme E, is breaking down the conventional boundaries associated with racing by requiring each team to consist of one woman and one male. These are all fantastic efforts that highlight the industry's female talent.

There has been much outrage at the recent decline in female labour force participation rates (FLPRs). Our global economy is absolutely unique in its dynamism. And, in today's climate change is far from an exception—it is the norm. With the shift in dynamics, the future years should see an increase in the number of women entering the electric vehicle sector to help it grow.

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