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Role of the internet of things in Electric vehicle charging station
Varnika Jain
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Published on 8th Jul 21

Role of the Internet of Things in Electric Vehicle Charging Station

What is IoT?

IoT has become one of the most prevalent advancements these days and is ready to establish itself as a reality in every sector. The Internet of things describes the network of physical objectives. IoT is embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange with other devices and other systems over the internet.

Significance of IoT

The world is heading towards higher productivity. According to International Data Corporation, IoT-powered technologies will grow by 1.2T by 2022. Isn't that great? Some key significances of IoT technology in every sphere of life.

  • Helps to track activities: Thermostats, GPS, and much more software are used for receiving and sending continuous streams of data for monitoring the data, activities at households, automobiles.
  • Sincere transport solutions: IoT creates a clever transport system and thus ensures reduced fuel consumption, keeps updates for prioritizing repairs.
  • A win-win situation for an organization: Helps the organization in enhancing customer satisfaction, address real-time requirements of the organization, etc.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction: IoT-enabled data assures more analytics and data for all users for every purpose so they have a better experience to its customer focus.

Now, the above explanation made you connect the dots. So let us have a glance over the essence of IoT in the EV charging industries.

What IoT does for Charging Stations?

The alarming concerns of high emittance of carbon dioxide in nature, depletion of fossil fuels, and much more raising concern over the environment have led to the adoption of Electric vehicles as the market expands and demand for charging stations increases. 

What is the cognizance of IoT in Electric Vehicle Charging Industry?

IoT technology empowers EV chargers stations smart, connected, and easy access even from remote locations and quick maintenance. Well, now the question is how can this system be applied to the EV charging station?

1) MSTS.IoT- By applying MSTS. IoT to Electric Vehicle(EV) charging stations, making them much adaptable to the given circumstances. MSTS. IoT offers easy to support and the management of charging gadgets and energizing cycles through an easy-to-understand stage. The stage awards cooperation freedoms to station proprietors, neighborhood specialist co-ops, worldwide gear sellers just as EV drivers. 

2) Cloud Solution- The user can use advanced cloud solutions so that they can collect and analyze the data in one place. Current figures show that things like voltage, electric current, temperature figures will provide significant support to service workers for station maintenance and monitoring processes.

3) Geo-Dashboard- Additionally, the geo-dashboard shows geologically dispersed EV charging stations and distinguishes the closest EV charging station for a driver. To make it considerably more advantageous for clients, the geo-dashboard applies a shading perception – a booked or occupied station is depicted in red-colored, a free one is set apart with a green color. The MSTS. The IoT stage gives different access levels relying upon clients' jobs and capacity. Moreover, the various level assistance work areas permit clients to get high-level help from a help organization if a charging network administrator can't resolve the issue. 

To make it all simpler for drivers, the inserted information framework can break down clients' information and distinguish the standard of conduct to offer a client extra assistance and better help.

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With IoT innovation, EV charging stations become more productive and helpful for drivers and service providers. Applying MSTS. IoT, EV stations can be handily checked and monitored within one platform. MSTS. IoT interfaces disseminated synergy between EV stations, empowering drivers, charger sellers, nearby assistance organizations, and station proprietors to work together more adequately.

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