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Revolt RV 400 | Specifications and features of electric bike in India
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Published on 23rd Jan 21

Revolt RV 400 | Specifications and features of electric bike in India

Revolt RV 400: India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle

Revolt RV 400

Revolt is India’s first smart electric bike. Revolt Motors startup founded by Micromax co-founder Rahul Sharma. This is the first electric bike revealed by him named a revolt RV 400. This bike is also known as India's first AI-enabled electric motorcycle. This bike has ultimate features that haven’t been seen before in our country. This bike is taking the highest place in the two-wheeler market place. This bike has three driving modes. They are Eco mode, Normal mode as well as Sport mode. The top speed of this bike ranges from 25kmph to 65kmph depending on the mode you have selected.

Make your perfect choice with Revolt RV 400

The Revolt RV 400 is powered by a 3KW electric motor and has a claimed top speed of 85kmph. The total charging time required for the Revolt RV 400 is 4.5 hours. It also claimed a range of 156 km which is fine. This bike is available in different variants. One is the base and another one is the Premium variant. 

The total price of Revolt RV is Rs.3,999 per month for the premium variant and for the base variant it is Rs.3,499 per month. The revolt also takes care of maintenance, supply replacement brake pads, and a set of tires in the 3-year time period. This will give you the best experience of purchasing and maintaining this bike.

 Features and specifications of Revolt RV 400.

Features of revolt rv

The specifications of the premium Revolt RV 400 variant and base variant varies from each other. As premium variant gets some standard features than the base variant. Also, the 4G connectivity package is included in the price of this bike. The total price is Rs. 1,29,463 and if you are paying the extra cost you will get the bike immobilizer, remote key, push start, and sound simulator system as standard. The premium variant also includes one-time tire replacement within three years of ownership, and that is included in the total cost. The total mileage is 150 km/ full charge. The top speed ranges from 25kmph to 65kmph depending on the mode selected. Its curb weight is 108 kg with a lithium ION battery.

First AI-based bike model in India.

This bike is available in two colors which are Red and black. It also has a 3 kW electric motor with 170 Nm of instant torque and a 3.24kW lithium-ion battery. The frame of Revolt is a single-cradle with 37 mm upside-down forks, an adjustable rear mono-shock. The Revolt RV 400  has AI-based features. It has an artificial engine sound and the ability to start the motorcycle remotely which is available for the premium variant. It also includes some standard features like Geo-fencing/ Geolocate, battery status, SOS battery delivery, battery status, and riding history. It also gets an all-digital instrument cluster and LED lighting for the headlamp, taillamp, as well as side indicators which makes its interior more attractive and standard.

Is it necessary to have a driving license to drive Revolt RV 400?

Yes. It is required to have a driving license to drive Revolt RV 400. As we know electric vehicles do not require any license but this vehicle required a license. It also has no gears and the levers on the handlebar control the front and rear brakes just like a gearless scooter. It is a silent bike as it is electrical which gives you a smoother experience of driving. Also, Revolt has given users the option of playing motorcycle sounds through an in-built speaker on the bike.

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