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Published on 28th Jul 21


OMEGA Seiki Mobility was founded in 2016 with the aim to become a smart solutions provider in the electric vehicle market. Today, OSM aims to make a significant contribution to the successful sustainable development of India. To this end, Omega Seiki signed a New York-based C4V contract and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the production of semiconductor batteries in India. OMEGA Seiki Mobility is part of the Anglian Omega Network and operates in six countries: India, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Thailand, Japan, and Hong Kong. The group embarked on a modest tour of a steel mill in 1971. The group continued to expand its capabilities and diversify into electric vehicles, high-tech auto parts, infrastructure, supply chain management services, sales, and other aspects. Today, in this article we will review the two powerful models of OSM i.e, OSM RAGE+ and OSM RAGE. So, are you ready, let's go!

Overview of OSM RAGE+ and OSM RAGE


After extensive development and research, OSM RAGE+ and OSM RAGE, electric three-wheelers have been completed, resulting in an elegant and modern cabin, aerodynamic design, and a spacious loading facility. Taking into account some parameters, the three-wheeler solves the problems of vaccine delivery and transportation individually. Battery-powered vehicles can store vaccines at rest for 72 hours at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius. The company has developed several three-wheelers with refrigerators with TransACNR. No vehicles other than RAGE+ and RAGE are available in the market with smart GPS tracking solutions, shortest track calculators, and cloud-based data collection and analysis.

Features of OSM RAGE+ and OSM RAGE


If we talk about the technical specifications of the three-wheeler, both come with IP65 certified zero maintenance Lithium-ion Swappable Battery. The aerodynamic design of RAGE+ and RAGE ensures low running costs of Rs 0.5 per km and noiseless drive. Both have a fast-charging system, which means it takes only three to four hours for complete charging. People often worry about the autonomy or range of their EVs, but RAGE+ and RAGE offer 70-80 km in a complete charge which seems a decent range when we talk about an EV.

In terms of safety, these vehicles are equipped with the latest advanced technologies, including hydraulic braking and regenerative systems. It also provides a support structure for a roll frame for operator safety. A reinforced chassis was added to meet Indian road conditions. It has front and rear wheels with a super strong shock absorber. Equipped with electronic speed, the top speed is 45 kilometers per hour and the payload is 960 GVW. The cooling section can deliver a cooling capacity of 1340 W at 0 degrees Celsius.

Technical Specifications of OSM RAGE+ and OSM RAGE


Price and color of OSM RAGE+ and OSM RAGE 

Rage+ comes with a price of 3.40 lakh rupees without a carrier and 3.50 lakh with the carrier. The company currently sells vehicles in Delhi and most of South India. However, if you can live outside these places, the company can transport vehicles anywhere in India at your request. The brand's first branch will open in Telangana, followed by showrooms in Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada. In the case of Rage+, you can choose any color among three options: black, blue, and yellow. On the other hand, RAGE comes with only one variant: black. 


Wrapping up

India's logistic sector is important and growing day by day. As India moves towards the electric vehicles revolution, almost all types of vehicles are switching to electric vehicles, so the logistics industry is taking active steps to bring electric vehicles to market. Three-wheelers play an important role in logistics, and electric vehicles are slowly entering the market. Two of these vehicles are the OSM Rage+ and OSM Rage. We have given the detailed review above to ease your decision. So, choose wisely and we will see you in the next review of another electric vehicle.

Who are we?

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