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Ola S1 vs TVS iQube Electric: Which one to buy?
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 3rd Feb 22

Ola S1 vs TVS iQube Electric: Which one to buy?

The auto-motorcycle industry is about to experience an unprecedented revolution. With increasingly stringent environmental standards, the future of thermal power is more than uncertain. If the car manufacturers announce one after the other to give up the thermal in the next ten years, the sector of the two-wheelers is a little quieter on the subject, except at the level of the scooters! Indeed, a scooter, whether thermal or electric, only asks to turn the accelerator handle to move forward, whereas, on a motorcycle, there are gears to change, emotions, vibrations that most passionate bikers are not about to give up. Scooter riders have a different approach. For them, this machine is above all a utility on two wheels. The transition from thermal to electric is, therefore, faster here, and many manufacturers are starting to offer a variety of models.

In cities and the countryside, we come across more and more electric scooters. Practical for getting around, there are many models and their functionalities differ. Which is the best e-scooter among Ola S1 vs TVS iQube Electric? To help make an effective choice, this article dedicated to consumers, recognized for its neutrality, offers a complete comparison of the best electric scooters. Read the article below to find the ideal model.

Ola Electric S1

Ola S1 is an electric scooter with a starting price of Rs. 97 703 in India. You can choose from 2 styles up to 10 colors, with the highest style prices starting at Rs. 1.5 lakh. Ola S1 delivers an engine power of 5500 W. Ola S1 uses front and rear disc brakes and a combined braking system on all wheels. Ola Electric has launched the new S1 electric scooter in the Indian market. There are two models of Ola electric scooters: Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro.

Ola Electric S1 Design

The two variants of the Ola scooter include dual headlights with DRL LED rings, elegant LED lighting mounted on the skirt, front fender in the same color as the body, curved side panels, tail lights and elegant LED. The design has included an external charging point. The Ola electric scooter has 36 liters of storage space under the seat for two open-face helmets. The standard module has 5 color options and the Pro version has 10 options.

Ola Electric S1 Specification


The Ola Electric S1 is equipped with an IPM electric motor with a high peak power of 8.5 kW and a continuous power of 5.5 kW. The engine is powered by 2.98 kWh (S1) and 3.97 kWh (S1 Pro) batteries and has a range of 121 km and 181 km respectively. The top speed of the S1 can be up to 90 kilometers per hour and the top speed of the S1 Pro is 115 kilometers per hour. It takes 4 hours and 48 minutes to fully charge the S1 Electric Ola S1 and the S1pro can be fully charged in 6 hours and 30 minutes with a 750W portable charger. With a quick charger, an electric scooter can charge up to 75km in 18 minutes. The Electric Ola S1 uses a tubular frame with a front fork and a rear shock absorber. In terms of brakes, the electric scooter has a 280mm front disc brake and a 220mm rear disc brake, which combines a braking system.

Ola Electric S1 Features

The Ola electric scooter has multiple functions. Both models feature a full LED lighting system, a large 36-liter under-seat storage compartment, a TFT panel with a smartphone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Other common custom features include side support and anti-theft alarms, geofencing, reverse mode, home mode, home lighting, emergency home mode, and more. The S1 Pro version also features mountain grip, voice assistance, and trip control.

Ola Electric S1 Price

Its price started from Rs. 99,999 in 10 stunning color variants including black, yellow, white, and so on.

TVS iQube Electric

TVS iQube Electric is the first electric car launched by the automotive giant TVS. TVS iQube Electric will be launched in 20 cities nationwide in March 2022. To that end, in June 2021, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with Convergence Energy Services, an initiative of the Indian government to install charging stations.

TVS iQube Design

The design of TVS iQube is simpler and the more practical design spirit of TVS is clearly visible from the design. Unlike newcomers entering the market with flexible products, TVS opted for a strong scooter idea that could be a great alternative to ICE. The idea is that the design is smooth, without unnecessary complications. The iQube has a somewhat future U-shaped headlight that could be made with more light and pitch. In the center of the front panel is also a light strip, on which DRLs and indicators are placed. Overall, the rest of the design is quite impressive. Elegant rear light and blue light in the center of the engine make it environmentally friendly. In general, if you look at it from a distance, it is somewhere that resembles the traditional one.As with other TVS products, the paint finish is very classy. Few panel gaps were found in the dashboard of the scooter. The plastics used in this scooter don't feel good on touching.


TVS iQube Specification

The iQube Electric is equipped with a 4.4 kW electric wheel motor and a 2.25 kW lithium-ion battery, which allows the e-scooter to accelerate to a top speed of 78 km/h. It gives a range of 75 kilometers in a single charge. iQube accelerates from 0 to 40 km/h in just 4.2 seconds. However, the maximum speed of the scooter in economy mode is limited to 40 km / h. The scooter basically uses a telescopic fork and double shock absorbers at the rear. The scooter is held in place by the front disc and the rear drum with 12-inch wheels. The IQube weight is 118 kg. It takes 5 hours to completely charge this e-bike.

TVS iQube Features

The TVS iQube Electric has many features such as a digital color display that is easily connectable with the smartphone, LED lighting, illuminated signs next to the power bank, lighting under the seats, and a USB charging port. Other notable features include Q Park Assist, various driving modes, and an advanced braking system. When connected to a smartphone, you can view text alerts, a navigation tool, historical trip statistics, speed alerts, Fall Alert,battery status. You can also check the location of your last parking location. It has a subscription model with a price of Rs.900/year through which you can avail a lot of features.

TVS iQube Price

Its price started from Rs. 1 lakh (Avg. Ex-showroom price) and is available in 1 variant.

Wrapping Up

Ola S1 comes in a price range of Rs.98000 approx whereas TVS iQube is available in 1 valiant only at a price range of Rs. 1 lakh. Ola gives an autonomy of 121 km in a single charge which is higher than the range of iQube with a range of 75 km in a complete charge. In terms of equipped motor, again Ola has a higher watt motor in comparison to TVS iQube. We hope that this comparison will help you to choose between Ola S1 and TVS iQube Electric for your daily commute. We have made this comparison in terms of price, specification, features, and design.

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