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Ola Electric Scooter Finally Launching In India On 15 August
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Published on 9th Aug 21

Ola Electric Scooter Finally Launching In India On 15 August: Let's Have An Overview.

In India, Ola officially revealed its first electric scooter. The business announced that the new electric scooter would be accessible in ten distinct colour variations during the announcement. It also began accepting bookings for the scooter, for which consumers had to pay a modest fee of Rs 499. Until recently, the actual debut date of the Ola two-wheeler was unknown. Ola CEO Bhavish Aggarwal said on August 15 that the firm would debut its first two-wheeler electric car in India. Let's look at additional information about the Ola electric scooter introduction, specifications, and other facts.



  • The Ola Electric scooter has LED lights.
  • The boot of the e-scooter can accommodate two helmets.
  • Ola Electric scooters would develop in the Ola Future Factory.

What is the news?

On August 15, 2021, Ola Electric will debut its first e-scooter in India. Bookings for the much-anticipated Ola Electric scooter began in India on July 15, 2021, for a refundable fee of Rs 499. The e-scooter received over 1 lakh bookings in only 24 hours.

The introduction of the electric scooter has anticipated energising the country's EV market, which has now dominate by battery-powered two-wheelers. Subsidies provided by several state governments have expected to bring electric two-wheelers closer to the price of gasoline versions.

Official Statement by Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of Ola

"Thank you to everyone who has reserved our scooter! On August 15th, there has planned an Ola scooter launch ceremony. Will provide all product specifications and availability dates. I'm excited about it, "Bhavish Aggarwal, Chairman and Group CEO of Ola, stated in a tweet dated August 3, 2021.

What unique features do Ola Electric scooters offer?

Ola Electric says that the e-scooter would offer a class-leading speed, unparalleled range, the largest boot capacity, global design, and sophisticated technology at competitive pricing. The Ola Electric scooter will have a strong engine and a lithium-ion battery. It has adequate room in its boot for two helmets.

In terms of features, the Ola Electric e-scooter has an LED lighting arrangement, which includes an LED headlight with LED DRL, LED winkers, and an LED taillights. It has outfitted with a completely digital instrument panel. At the front and back, alloy wheels with a single disc should use. Footpegs with a flush fit are also available.


Availability of Colour Variations

The Ola Electric scooter will be available in ten distinct colour variations, as we previously said. While the names of the colour schemes have yet to be released, the business has confirmed that matte and gloss options in blue, black, red, pink, yellow, white, and silver will be available.

Where will the manufacture of Ola Electric scooters take place?

Ola Electric's e-scooter will manufacture in the Ola Future Factory, which would develop on a 500-acre property in Tamil Nadu's Krishnagiri area. While the Ola Futurefactory's first phase, which is approaching completion, will produce 2 million units per year, its overall capacity, which will reach by 2022, would create 10 million units per year.

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