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Ola Electric Scooter's new key features teased
shayma shamim
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Published on 28th Jul 21

Ola Electric Scooter's new key features teased

The Ola Electric scooter is ready to launch soon. Ola cabs CEO Bhavish Aggarwal recently tweeted that electric scooter production will begin soon. He also said that in just four months, the first phase of the future factory of Ola will be ready to manufacture ola bikes. According to his tweet, the Ola scooter has good under-seat storage and app-based keyless entry. In addition, the Oil electric scooter has a "best in class" remote charging function.

Ola electric-powered scooters can have features such as a removable lithium-ion battery, digital instrument assembly, cloud connection, alloy wheels, and telescopic front suspension. Bhavish Aggarwal revealed the many more new features of Ola E-scooters in his tweet. Bhavish also shared his experience after taking a ride on an electric scooter near Bangalore on Twitter. He then asked social media fans about the color choices for the electric scooters.


Ola E-Scooter Design


When you see its images shared by Aggarwal, you can easily notice a face with a smiling headlamp. The Ola electric scooter has a one-piece seat underneath and is the largest storage box of its kind, a front bumper with signal lights or indicators, and a rear armrest. It must have Bluetooth and a cloud connection equipped with a 7-inch color touchscreen. The bikes are fitted with alloy wheels and full LED lighting. Ola's upcoming electric scooters will be based on a scooter from Etergo Appscooter and they will use the Appscooter design to build this Ola scooter.

Ola E-Scooter Range


The Ola electric scooter is equipped with a removable lithium-ion battery. This battery can be charged from 0 to 50% in 18 minutes and can give you autonomy of 75 km. The motorcycle should accelerate in about 4 seconds at a speed of 0-45 km / h. The top speed is around 90 km/h and the total range on a single charge is about 150 km. Given the compact dimensions, the dynamics of driving seem very simple.

Ola E-Scooter Safety features


When we are looking for a vehicle, the first thing we are worried about is its safety features. If we talk about the safety features in this e-scooter, Ola electric scooters are equipped with disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. Integrated braking or ABS systems can also improve road holding. The electric vehicle has a telescopic fork in the front and a side catcher behind it.

Ola E-Scooter Price


These electric scooters are manufactured under the Future Factory brand in Indian State, Tamil Nadu (Krishnagiri district) and can cost around Rs. 100,000 (showroom). The company also has upgraded networks nationwide and is expected to install more than 5,000 charging points in its first year. It is also said that Ola scooter expands its supplies overseas to many developed countries such as the UK, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Australia. It will be the largest motorcycle factory in the world with an annual production capacity of 2 million scooters when completed. The company will also create 10,000 jobs and meet the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Wrapping up

As per assumptions, Ola Electric may launch its first electric scooter in India in the coming weeks. Recently, CEO Bhawish Aggarwal disclosed some images and some of the features of the bike on its official Twitter handle. According to the tweet, the Ola Electric Scooter offers the best storage space, the best remote cost, and keyless access that too app-based with the digital instrument and a cloud connection. Ola sets its manufacturing unit in Tamil Nadu and if everything goes as per plan, then it will be the biggest motorcycle manufacturing unit in the world. We just need to wait for the launch of the Ola electric scooter and the revolution it brings to the EV industry.

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