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Okinawa electric vs Ampere electric | Kazam
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Published on 23rd Feb 21

Okinawa electric vs Ampere electric | Kazam

Electric scooters in India.

Electric scooters save you lots of money. There might be a slightly higher-than-normal purchase cost compared to traditional bicycles. Beyond the initial purchase, electric scooters are also relatively inexpensive to maintain, especially compared to automobiles and motorcycles. They are easy to maintain & manage. There is a higher number of consumers choosing electric scooters nowadays. In our country, petrol prices are increasing rapidly. So, there is an increase in the boost of sales of electric scooters.

Okinawa Praise vs Ampere Zeal.

The price of Okinawa praise is Rs.71990 and as compare to it price of Ampere zeal is 67889. Okinawa is available in the three different colors and Ampere is available in four colors. If you are confused which bke you should buy this comparison points will help you our to choose the best model. The riding range of okinawa is 88 Km vs riding range of Ampere zeal is 85 to 90 Km. Okinawa takes 3 hours of charging time and Ampere take 5-6 hours of charging time. Okinawa gives 2500 watt power which is good.

Here are details about power, fuel and transmission.

Both the electric bikes has a electric fuel system. The max power of okinawa is 2500w and its rated power is 1000. The rated power of Ampere zeal is 1200. Both the bikes have automatic transmission system. The riding range of okinawa is 88 km and as compare to it Ampere has a 85-90 km riding range. The charging time for okinawa is 2-3 hours and for ampere it is 6 hours. Okinawa has a 150 as carrying capacity and ampere has a 130 carrying capacity. Okinawa has a lithium ion battery and ampere has a advanced lion battery. 

 Brakes, Wheels & Suspension.

There is a Disc break in okinawa and in ampere there is a drum brake system. The size of front brake of Ampere is 130 mm. Rear break type of okinawa is Disc and of Ampere is Drum. Front wheel size of Okinawa is 12 inch and for Ampere it is 10 inch. They have front wheel size 90/90-12 Tubeless and 3.00-10 respectively. The wheel type is alloy. The front suspension of okinawa and ampere is Hydraulic Telescopic & Telescopic respectively. It has a Double shocker with dual tube technology rear suspension. 

Some additional features are like,

Okinawa has additional features like Keyless Entry, Find My Scooter Function, Mobile Charging USB Port, Motor Walk Assist(Front/Reverse Motion), Boot Space of 7ltr, Stylish Aluminium Alloy Wheel, Adjustable Brake Lever, Large Front Storage Space, Large Foot Space, LED Rear Winkers, Licence Plate Lamp, Aerodynamic Design which makes it perfect and Ampere has features like Portable Battery Pack, Detachable Battery, Dual Speed Mode, Front Golve Box, Carry Bag Hook, Harmonic Braking System, Digital Display system.

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