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No more registration charges for Electric Vehicles in India
Ruchita Soni
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Published on 9th Aug 21

No more registration charges for Electric Vehicles in India

No a lot of registration fee for electrical vehicles. The govt. of India has given a inexperienced signal to a historic rule. So, as to draw in a lot of individuals to think about and obtain electrical vehicles, the central government has fully abolished the registration fee of electrical cars.

The Central Government had recently proclaimed a draft notification to create some changes within the Central automobile Rules of 1989. Within the new draft, it's planned to exempt battery operated vehicles (BOVs) from paying the fee for supplying of registration certificates or revitalising it. This move of the central government has come back as a boon for electrical vehicles and therefore the industries addicted to them. Some states in India have already waived off any fees for registration. However this new policy are going to be unrolled across the country, serving to each electric vehicles makers and customers alike across the country.


Currently, electric vehicles sales in India for FY2021 square measure 2,38,120 units, that is 57,377 units but electric vehicle sales in FY2020. Despite a decline of around 20% in electric vehicles sales, each makers and therefore the government believe that the electric vehicles section is booming within the country. This is often as a result of the decline in sales of electrical vehicles can be attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic and varied lockdowns to contain it. This successively resulted in poor trade and business growth.

If we glance at the numbers more, we will see that the sales of electrical two-wheeler and three-wheeler fell to 1,43,837 units and 88,378 units severally on a year-on-year basis. Now, the electrical vehicle market is anticipated to choose up, because the business parades.

What's the drawback, one might ask?

• First, the initial price of owning an electrical vehicle is over that of a standard automobile.

• Infrastructure is one such issue that's more pressing the sales of electrical vehicles in India.

• Electrical vehicles square measure comparatively new in terms of technology and it takes time for any price new penetrate the society.

While the govt. in India is functioning sharply to make a reliable infrastructure for electrical vehicles, the technology is additionally evolving apace and today's EVs square measure one with constant keep, similar driving dynamics and no cap. IC-engines square measure the same as vehicles.

So, it all boils right down to the rating of the vehicles. You see, no matter criteria you adopt to match the 2 machines, EVs don't seem to be pocket-friendly as compared to traditional petrol/diesel vehicles, a minimum of once it involves the initial price of possession. As an example, one would possibly argue that the general life price of associate electric vehicles is a smaller amount than a petroleum automobile, however we do not compare costs once we obtain a replacement one thinking what is going to happen ten years down the road. Can we?

And hence, the incumbrance is on each makers and governments to require this rating issue seriously to push electric vehicles penetration in India. This is often wherever our federal structure works superbly. Whereas the central government is creating efforts by giving subsidies underneath the FAME II theme, the state governments square measure serving to the consumers by giving further advantages.


Government of India considering waiving registration fee for electrical vehicles

Electric vehicles square measure undoubtedly the longer term and plenty of people likewise as brands understand it. The Indian government additionally is aware of however huge associate trade it's, and thus is giving loads of advantages to the electric vehicles consumers. With further support from the government, it's just like the electric vehicle sector can grow at a much better pace than ever before.

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