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New Renault 4 EV in development
shayma shamim
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Published on 6th Jul 21

New Renault 4 EV in development

The French company recently presented the "Renaulution strategy". Now, as part of a regular meeting with journalists, the company revealed new details about the future of the brand. For example, by 2025, 65% of Renault's model range will be electric or hybrid models, and by 2030, 90% of cars will be pure electric cars. It is also known that over the next four years, the company will release ten new electric vehicles, seven of which will be under the Renault brand.

The new strategy is based on the CMF-EV and CMF-BEV platforms, which will serve as the basis for the global electrification of the lineup. One of the novelties of this type will be the 4ever compact electric crossover with a design inspired by the Renault 4 subcompact, produced in 1961-1994 and formerly one of the most popular cars in France. Until now, information about the revival of Renault 4 passed under the category of rumors, now it is officially confirmed.

The future electric car will borrow the style of the front end of the body and side windows from the classic Renault 4. Of course, in a modern interpretation. The head of the design department of the brand, Gilles Vidal, named this innovation as "retro-modern".

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The Renault 4ever is expected to offer an electric motor with 79 kW (108 hp) or 97 kW (132 hp) and a traction battery capacity of 50 kW / h. Interestingly, the electric motor and battery promise to be 5% and 33% cheaper in cost than the power plant of the current Renault Zoe electric car, which has become quite popular in Europe.

However, the closest novelty to mass production will be the Renault Megane e-Tech electric hatchback, which was born from the Renault Megane eVision concept. The production version largely repeats the concept car: the designers have retained the proportions of the body and the characteristic pivot point of the rear wheel arches. Note that the original Renault 4 was equipped with atmospheric gasoline "fours" with a capacity of 23-37 hp.

In addition, the head of Renault announced a sports electric car under the brand Alpine, which is not very well known to the customers, and also talked about unmanned models, which are being worked on in the Electric industrial cluster. The new electric cross will enter the market after the fuel-free Renault 5 hatchback, whose sales are planned for 2023. The company plans to join forces with the startup Vektor to develop a new battery that will increase mileage on a single charge by 20 km and reduce production costs by 30 % already next year.

It seems that the manufacturer intends to radically change the whole approach to the production of cars and the auto business in general, and this is impressive. It is also impressive that the company plans to sell 90% of electric vehicles by 2030, which means almost complete abandonment of internal combustion engines.

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