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Motorcycle conversion kit with RTO approval for the first time in India
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Published on 30th Sep 21

Motorcycle conversion kit with RTO approval for the first time in India.

The future of the automotive industry is in electrification, and the EV sector is booming in India. Particularly in the two-wheeler market, growth has been significant, with several new models launched recently.

Aside from that, we are seeing businesses sell ICE-powered car conversion kits for use in electric vehicles. EV conversion kits are a great first step towards electrification since they allow drivers to convert their conventional gasoline or diesel vehicles to zero-emission electric vehicles. In addition, installing such conversion kits is far less expensive than purchasing a new electric vehicle, which is particularly true given the latter's high price.

What is the news?

GoGoA1 offers an RTO-approved electric motorbike conversion kit, however, it's only available for the Hero Splendor at the moment.

GoGoA1 has created a video showcasing an electric motorbike conversion kit. After seeing this equipment in action, it's clear that the RTO has authorized it. There are two levels of approval: one for individual components and another for a specific model. Hero Splendor [from the 1997 model year forward] may now utilize this kit.


What does the host of the video say about RTO-certified conversion kits?

If you modify your car in any way, it must be noted on the registration certificate. According to the host, the RTO has authorized this kit for installation on motorcycles. Aside from the fact that replacing an electrical component would be costly if one was broken, he also points out that electrical components are pricey. On the other hand, the host claims that because the kit is RTO certified, the insurance company would cover the cost of the damage.

According to the host, ARAI has authorized the kit. Permission is given on a scale from zero to one. Two years ago, components were approved, and now it's time for model approval. As a result, this kit may only be used with the Hero Splendor.

What are the specifications added in the RTO-certified Splendid?

Electricity is provided by a 2-kW hub-mounted motor with a 92% efficiency rating. It has a constant torque of 63 Nm and a maximum torque of 127 Nm. With two passengers aboard, the highest speed is 70 kmph and the ARAI-rated range is 151 kilometers. The weight-bearing capability ranges from 100 kg to 300 kg, depending on the model.

Regenerative brakes have been installed, which improves vehicle economy while also charging the battery when going downhill. Drum brakes are used on both wheels, with Bajaj Pulsar drum plates and shoes providing the brake shoes. Even after the conversion, the motorcycle still weighs less than the standard Splendor, at 102 kg (122 kg).

Effect of the conversion kit on the vehicle registration number

Aside from that, the video host mentions that owners may make an insurance claim in the event of component damage. By eliminating the need to replace pricey batteries and electric motors, future repairs would be less costly. Not if you're using non-RTO-approved EV conversion kits, as those are illegal.

The vehicle's registration number would remain the same when the kit had been installed, but the RTO would issue fresh green number plates. The conversion kit costs Rs 90,606, of which Rs 50,000 goes to the battery and Rs 5,606 goes to the charger. GoGoA1 will open conversion centers in several Indian cities, and people may go there.


Automobiles that run on electricity are the future of personal transportation. There has been a slew of new electric scooters revealed recently. Northway Motorsport also showed out an electric Dzire conversion kit. For the first time, an RTO-approved electric motorbike conversion kit is available for purchase.

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