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Most Affordable Electric Vehicle Charging station
Varnika Jain
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Published on 13th May 21

Most Affordable Electric Vehicle Charging Station

What is an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger?

An electric vehicle charging station is a piece of gear that interfaces an electric vehicle (EV) to a force hotspot for EVs to be charged and run once more.

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Kazam EV chargers

Kazam presents to you the sleekest, cost-productive, and reliable AC charger. A 3.3 KW IoT, SIM-based charger for your parking space. It enables you to charge electric vehicles (bicycles, bikes and cars, and other EVs). It is a waterproof, anti-theft, and brilliant charging station through which EV proprietors can charge their EVs. By installing it as a public charger, one can earn money through it as well. They come at a stipulated price of 12,600. 

Technical Specifications

1. 2 G-based chargers

2. Tamper proof with 67 IP

3. Functional in all weather

4. Fuse, MCB is installed keeping in mind the safety of the users, the size of the charger 30*15 cm

5. Dimensions of the charger are as follows: 45cm in length,30 cm in width

6. The maximum voltage requirement is 280 V

7. The power rating is 3.3 KW/ 7KW

Bonus - About Kazam EV

1. Kazam charging Station

Kazam’s operational charging station is situated in Gurugram, Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. We try to reach out in every possible manner.

2. Remote monitoring Dashboard

A Remote Monitoring Dashboard is for higher visibility.

3. IoT-enabled smart charger

To provide access to your device easily, the charger is based on the component of IoT.

4. Low Charging Time 

You can charge an electric bike or electric scooter within 2 hours.

5. Charger Outlook

It is built to handle 7kw power, 3 pinpoint 16 A socket is used to charge all types of devices.

6. Strong Design

The charger is all-weather resistant. It is made to stand the cat and dogs rain and the scorching heat of the arid region.

7. Easy Payment

Any driver can use the charger by scanning and adding a minimum amount of 25 INR to his wallet and get his vehicle charged with his decided time.

8. Safety

Full safety measures are being insured and proper earthing is made so that easy handling can be made.

9. Round the Clock Availability

You can avail of the 24/7 facility and there is no need to wait for specific timings

Kazam Mobile Application

Kazam mobile application is available both in the App Store and Play Store. It is user-friendly and reliable. 

For Kazam Charger Owner 

The Kazam EV Charger owners will be able to do the following: connect the chargers to the mobile device, set up the rates, provide availability, obtain payments and check their history on the app. 

For EV drivers

The EV pro drivers will be able to look up: the nearest EV charger, check its availability and rates before reaching the location, pay through the app wallet, and most importantly, access their vehicle charging history. You need not stress over charge assortment, as Kazam provides an inbuilt wallet.

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Kazam Electric Vehicle charger can be utilized to charge an electric scooter, electric bike, electric car, electric cargo, and other electric vehicles. 

How Does it Work?

Stage 1 - Download the Kazam Application

You can begin by downloading our application from the App Store or Play store. 

Stage 2 - Enter Details 

Enter your mobile number and follow a One-time secret phrase. 

Stage 3 - Find Your Charger > Scan QR Code and Relax 

Once you find your nearest EV charger, go to that location, scan the QR code, place your EV charger wire and start charging your vehicle.

Stage 4 - Check the Colors Go Green 

When you begin charging, the light on the charger will go from green to blue to remark the vehicle is now being charged. 

Stage 5  - Pay as you go 

Before starting the process to charge your EV, you should have a minimum balance (25 INR). You can pay as you go from your wallet directly through the application. 


Want to get your EV Charger?

Contact Kazam EV right now! We care for our EV customers and give them a complete EV ride. From range, monetary viewpoint, space worries to the battery and charging arrangements. Book your appointment now! For information, visit Kazam EV at https://www.kazam.in/ or send us a message at our social handles Kazam EV, and we will return to your kazamly!

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