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Mini Cooper SE Review 2022
shayma shamim
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Published on 6th Aug 21

Mini Cooper SE Review 2022

Electric cars are more and more often also called electric SUVs: Tesla wants to crack the success of its Model 3 with its compact SUV Model Y, and BMW, Toyota, and various overseas manufacturers are also planning new Electric vehicles. Today we will review Mini Cooper SE and explain whether it is good for and whether it also has the go-kart feeling of a classic Mini as an electric car.

In terms of Drive

Like the i3s from the BMW Group, the electric mini relies on a 135 kW (184 PS) electric motor. This enables full acceleration for quick lane changes and the traffic light sprint - from a standstill, you can get to 60 km / h in 3.9 seconds, and up to 100 km / h outside of town it takes 7.3 seconds. Unlike the futuristic carbon runabout with the white and blue logo, the Mini drives its front wheels. With the front-wheel drive, the conventional minis put up to over 300 hp on the road - so it is not surprising that the chassis of the Cooper SE digests the electric torque well. The excellent traction control, which is also used in the i3s, helps with the traffic light sprint and in bends: The electronics take away power very sensitively before the car begins to understeer in bends or the steering lets you feel influences. Like a little mini-feature, however, it allows the wheels to squeak and thus suits extroverted curve robbers. A low center of gravity and short overhangs make the Mini agile and maneuverable like a squirrel.


Image credit: Auto car India

The E-Mini has three driving modes: the SPORT mode for the most spontaneous power delivery and more direct steering, the balanced standard setting MID, and the energy-saving modes GREEN and GREEN Plus. The latter mode maximizes the range by reducing or deactivating all comfort functions, among other things. The speed steps are engaged with a lever that wastes a lot of space in the center console. The BMW i3 is much bolder and airier here; it turns out that the Mini is ultimately just a petrol engine converted into a Stromer. There is also a choice when it comes to recuperation (braking energy recovery). The “toggle” switch allows you to switch between strong recuperation (high braking effect with more energy recovery) and weak recuperation (less braking effect, the more comfortable setting for brisk driving). Like the Cooper S without an 'E' with the same performance, the SE is a lively and fun car, but unlike the turbo engine of the gasoline engine, the electric motor reacts without any delay.

Consumption and range

The Mini was never designed as a long-haul car; its domain is a city and short-haul traffic. And yet the range of the Cooper SE is a disappointment: at a motorway speed of 130 km / h, the 32.6 kWh battery is enough for 135 kilometers. A good 200 kilometers are possible in city traffic. Because the charging power is a maximum of 50 kW and drops sharply at charging levels over 50 percent, long distances become a time-consuming ordeal. The Mini is, therefore, more likely to be used as a time vehicle and charged at home - nevertheless, the developers have provided the charging port on the right-hand side of the car. Owners of tight garages are quick to curse this decision.


Image credit: Auto car India

Interior & space

The new E-Mini has more tinsel than the former test fleet car: Yellow-colored trim and the closed radiator grille indicate the E version, as do the 16 or 17-inch alloy wheels in the special SE design, depending on the equipment. They are real eye-catchers.The Cooper SE is only available in the smallest body variant with three doors. Even with the combustion version, it is not suitable for comfortably transporting four adults. With the Cooper SE, there is even less space left because the seat bench has to give space to the battery at the back. But there is still room for smaller children.

The test car had very good sports seats with adjustable seat covers that offer excellent lateral support and are comfortable even on longer journeys (which the E-Mini cannot manage at all).

The good overview also contributes to the good sense of space: The Mini saves the rising window line that compact cars from all manufacturers show today. It is worth looking over the shoulder in the Mini, cyclists and other potential obstacles are easy to see.


Image credit: Motor1

The trunk was not restricted by the T-shaped battery in the underbody, which means that at 211 liters it is just as small as the petrol engine. Even if the designers try to hide it: Ultimately, the Mini remains a retrofit electrical solution for which its platform was not developed. The optional sliding glass roof is pleasant. In summer you can turn off the air conditioning and save electricity while the sun greets you from above.

Operation and infotainment

The round instrument in the center console has been a design feature since the first mini-generation from BMW: where the speedometer used to be, there is now simply a right-angled LCD touch display with buttons arranged in a circle, which by today's standards can only be seen as tiny. That gives a deduction of points, despite the well-structured menu navigation.

The navigation in the Cooper SE works well, but cannot keep up with the large BMW sat navs. In particular, real-time traffic management has dropped somewhat. It is therefore a shame that there is still no option to integrate Android phones with Google Maps. Only Apple's CarPlay can be used.

The equipment with assistance systems is weak: The cruise control is a variant without sensor support, which simply maintains the set speed. Compared to competitors such as Opel Corsa-e or Hyundai Kona Elektro, the Mini falls very clearly behind.

Price and features

The electric mini costs approx Rs 45.50 Lakh (ex-showroom price). While the Mini brand is normally skimpy on the equipment, you don't dare to do that with the E version: LED headlights, navigation system, two-zone automatic air conditioning, and the heat pump are standard equipment. When it comes to driving fun, the Mini is in its class. It perfectly combines the possibilities of the spontaneous electric drive with the curvy mini chassis. Outside of the driving fun class, there is little that speaks in favor of the Mini: All competitors offer larger batteries, much more range, and space. If these criteria are not important, you will enjoy the Cooper SE.

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