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MG ZS EV: First Drive Review
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Published on 2nd Aug 21

MG ZS EV: First Drive Review

The ZS EV has been launched by MG Motor India. The Excite model costs Rs 20.88 lakh, while the Exclusive costs Rs 23.58 lakh (ex-showroom). For more information, read our launch storey.

Santa Claus will likely be unable to visit your home this year. Our home/industry/vehicular chimneys would have made it difficult for him to see what was on the ground below due to the smoke. We have overstressed our ecosystem to dangerous levels. To combat this, MG is releasing the ZS EV, a stress-buster for Mother Nature. Can it take the sting out of owning an electric vehicle? Why not continue reading to line up…


Exterior Design

If you were hoping for the ZS EV to proclaim its status as an electric vehicle, you get disappointed. It differs from the MG Hector in that it is neither a large car (road presence is comparable to the Hyundai Creta) nor does it have polarising styling. The only genuine flaw we have with the outside is the cheesy Electric badges on the front fenders, which look like fridge magnets.

Size and colour

Returning to the size, it is larger than the Kona in almost every way save the wheelbase. While the Kona's style may be a little too loud for some, the ZS EV is more refined and European. You can get it in red or white, in addition to the Aqua Blue colour you may have seen in advertisements of MG. Let’s have a look at the measurements:

Length: 4314mm

Width: 1809mm

Height: 1644mm

Wheelbase: 2585mm


It also avoids being overly showy. Yes, LED headlights and 17-inch alloy wheels inspired by windmills has been included, but they are well-integrated and complement the ZS EV's serene appearance. If you want an SUV that screams, "Look at me, I'm electric!" the ZS EV is not for you. It looks and feels much like any other gasoline or diesel SUV. Expect questions from curious passers-by because this SUV is not extending to be as popular as some more Rs 20 lakh SUVs. It is comparable to the VW Tiguan in that it is an expensive SUV that avoids getting noticed since it is not plus-sized or ovular.

On the inside, meanwhile, the ZS EV looks and feels expensive. The cabin is simple yet elegant, with all-black walls and silver accents. The dashboard, like the rest of the interior, features a lot of soft-touch components.

Boot Space

The ZS EV makes you feel like you are driving an SUV with a nice view of the engine.

Families will like the ZS EV's ample trunk capacity, which measures 445 litres. Two big suitcases or a couple of trolley bags will easily fit. MG could have gained even more space by lowering the boot floor, as there is a huge gap above the useless space-saving spare tyre. You do, however, get a 60:40 split-folding back seat for more baggage capacity.

No AC vents

Everything appears to be in order at first, but you soon discover that it lacks auto air conditioning! The steering wheel only adjusts for tilt, not reach, and there are no rear AC vents. An auto-dimming IRVM, heated or ventilated seats, and a rear armrest are all missing. These are not deal-breakers, but they are odd omissions when you pay more than Rs 20 lakh.


Yes, the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system ( Android Auto and Apple CarPlay) is smaller than the 10.4-inch Hector, but the new software it runs is much smoother and lag-free (rear camera feed had some delay).

You receive the iSmart internet-connected connected car capabilities and WiFi support, much like the Hector. You can utilise an external device (such as your phone hotspot) to support web-based applications like navigation, Gaana music streaming, Accuweather updates, and so on if the inbuilt eSIM of the car loses service.


Santa's nice and dire list includes the ZS EV. A 6-way power-adjustable driver seat, smart key with push-button start, a 6-speaker audio system, a panoramic sunroof, and even a PM 2.5 air filter all included.


While two versions of the MG ZS EV are available, Excite Exclusive and Excite, the safety package is the same. Standard features include six airbags, ABS with EBD, ISOFIX, hill-assist, hill-descent control, rear parking sensors, and a rear camera. Electronic stability control, a tyre pressure monitor, and a rear fog lamp are all included as standard features. Surprisingly, there are no front fog lamps.

Ride handling

In many aspects, the ZS EV's ride and handling package are comparable to that of the Skoda Kodiaq. While it will not crash through minor potholes, you will feel and hear them inside the cabin. You can not drive as quickly through damaged areas as you do in a Ford Endeavour since it does not feel as forgiving. There is somebody roll where you can feel the expansion joints on the highway in the cabin.

Sport mode

When you switch to Sport mode, it might get a little too enthusiastic for city driving. Even at 70 kmph, pressing the gas pedal hard in Sport mode may cause torque steer! The subtle aspect of its instant torque delivery is that it feels fast even with four adults on board. The ZS EV is both simple to use and thrilling when you want it to be when it comes to performance.

It is, of course, completely silent when in use, which may be very relaxing when sailing. With no engine note to focus on, picking up on the road noise that enters the cabin becomes simpler. Even yet, with some music playing, you might easily mask it.


Last but not least, in Euro NCAP's crash testing, the MG ZS EV received a perfect 5-star rating. On the other hand, The tested car included radar-guided functions like auto-emergency braking and lane-assist, which are not available on the India-specified model. All you need to understand about the ZS EV speed is that it is incredibly light and agile to drive in city traffic, and the steering has appropriately weighted at highway speeds.


The MG ZS EV is not only environmentally sustainable but also very family-friendly. It is not only easy to drive in a range of situations, but it is also fun to drive because of its snappy performance. Yes, there are a few odd feature omissions, but as a whole, it does a lot to make owning an electric car appear less risky. You will also get a standard 5-year/unlimited-kilometre guarantee, with the battery getting an additional 8-year/150,000-kilometer warranty. MG has also included five labour-free services, which is a nice touch given how much less expensive it is to maintain an EV in the first place. We believe the ZS EV is worth the price if it has launched for Rs 22, lakh-Rs 25 lakh ex-showroom by MG. It has enough features to be more than simply a backup vehicle.

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