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Mercedes-Benz EQXX EV: Buzz, Demo, Concept, and More
Shayma Shamim
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Published on 22nd Apr 22

It was ahead of CES 2022 that Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new electric car concept, the Vision EQXX. Far ahead of the competition in terms of energy efficiency, its announced real autonomy is more than 1000 kilometers, much more than the 652 km range of the Tesla Model S.

Car manufacturers launched on the 100% electric market know it: in 2022, autonomy will indeed be the sinews of war. At the beginning of the year, some figures are already impressive: the Mercedes EQS displays up to 780 km WLTP of autonomy (580 km real), the Tesla Model S up to 652 km, followed by the Tesla Model 3 Long Range and its 560 km range. The Jaguar I-Pace comes next with a 470 km range, followed by Audi e-Tron or Hyundai Kona.

But it was just before the opening of CES 2022 and during a remote conference that Mercedes-Benz wanted to hit hard by unveiling its new concept car that we had already mentioned to you, the Vision EQXX. Futuristic saloon with sporty lines, it boasts a range of over 1,000 km, which is more than its predecessor, the EQS. Mercedes has further goals in the process toward full electrification from 2030: from 2022 a zero-emission model will be offered in each segment and from 2025 there will then be at least one electric variant for each new car launched. Also in the same year, three new Ev architectures will be launched.


Vision EQXX: a 100% electric compact sedan concept

The conceptual project is still in a heavy development phase, the Vision EQXX wishes to push the energy efficiency of electric vehicles a little further. During its presentation, Mercedes-Benz tells us that the vehicle was designed differently. Its underbody channels air and evacuates heat better and its engine, which develops 201 horsepower, is nestled in a carbon fiber subframe controlled by an electrical system derived from the AMG One. The battery, meanwhile, benefits from a denser anode composition. It is also lighter by a third than the EQS battery (1750 kg) and better designed to leave more room for the cells. The latter would be manufactured by the Chinese CATL, which already collaborates with PSA, Hyundai, and BMW in other regions for the production of their lithium-ion accumulators. With an announced autonomy of more than 1000 km, solar panels would also extend the distance by a small 25 km per trip. The Vision EQXX 's drag coefficient is only 0.17 as compared to 0.208 for the Model S. The vehicle's aerodynamics have been carefully worked on. Grille shutters open and close, for example, for controlled air circulation. Tires and mirrors have also been redesigned.

Features of new EQXX

Aerodynamics is at the heart of every element of this prototype, starting from the solar panels on the roof to the 20-inch magnesium alloy wheels, with low rolling resistance tires. To reach an overall weight reduced to just over 1,700 kilograms, thus improving performance and mileage. Ecology is also present inside the passenger compartment of the Mercedes Vision EQXX, made with coatings composed of vegan and low-environmental impact materials. The technology is in the foreground with a huge 47.5-inch display with 8K resolution, with artificial intelligence software, based on neural networks. Inside the cabin, there is also an advanced audio system, with low energy consumption speakers.

The concept of the German house offers a powertrain of about 200 HP, coupled with a 100 kWh battery pack, 30% lighter than that of the EQS. Consumption is very low, with just 10 kWh needed to travel 100 kilometers, compared to around 18-20 kWh for current electric cars. This converts into a much higher autonomy: about 1,000 kilometers of travel with a recharge. Thus allowing to eliminate the anxiety from reloading.

Wrapping Up

In its commitment to completely sustainable mobility, to produce only green cars from 2030, Mercedes is all set for the arrival of its new electric concept car: the Vision Eqxx. A project considered among the most important by the Stuttgart brand, which wants to launch a vehicle with great autonomy on the market without resorting to oversized batteries. With a design that is then centered in a futuristic key, a low aerodynamic coefficient, and low ground clearance: ideas that could make us understand how the German house will structure the next Evs in the years to come. The Vision Eqxx will guarantee a real autonomy of almost 1,000 km and consumption of over 9.5 kWh / km.

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